For one thing, the Utes want to make a serious run for a Pac-12 title, and they believe they have the talent and attitude to do just that.
USU coach Gary Andersen describes this week as “an exciting time” for his players.
“The expectations is always to sit in the No. 1 spot,” said coordinator Sharrieff Shah, noting that the Utes have been in the top three in special teams production since joining the Pac-12.
“The first thing I’ll say is don’t read anything into Jake Bentley being a captain as far as winning the job,” Utah coach Kyle Whittingham said.
The conference amended its previously announced policy of not allowing any spectators to attend games because of the COVID-19 pandemic and will allow family members to watch their players in person this fall.
“We’re back in football. It’s awesome.” That isn’t something Morgan Scalley takes for granted after being disciplined when it came to light that he’d used a racial slur in a text back in 2013.
The Utah coach talks fall camp, fans at games, expanded playoffs and, yes, Eddie Van Halen.
The good news — as in the really, really good news to break Thursday evening — is that the Pac-12 will play some football this fall after all.
Las Vegas coach Jon Gruden isn’t quite sure how to prepare for one part of the Raiders’ Monday Night Football opponent.
Alex Smith’s biggest competitor at the moment is also one of his biggest fans.
If this seems like a recurring nightmare for the Jazz, it’s because Murray has haunted Utah’s dreams by scoring 142 total points in the past three games against Utah.
Maybe we can all work together and make positive changes happen that will ensure liberty and justice for all.
Utah has won plenty of playoff series over the years — 24 overall, including a few in the past four years, to be exact. But the Jazz have never made a habit of cruising into the ensuing round.
Exuberant Utah Jazz fans and exasperated Denver Nuggets fans weren’t the only ones who noticed Donovan Mitchell’s latest 50-plus-point outburst on Sunday night.
Mitchell is just the third player in NBA history to have two 50-point games in the same series. Superstar might be underselling what the third-year guard is doing right now.
A golden nugget of wisdom came from the lips of a mic’d-up Donovan Mitchell on Wednesday.
Two former NFL quarterbacks who’ve been down somewhat similar paths are stunned by what Smith has accomplished.
Moss and former Boston College running back A.J. Dillon tied for the top grading honors with scores of 91.3 out of 100 in PFF’s in-depth rating system.
Utah, which won its second close game in a row after a loss in their first game, now has a couple of days to prepare for the restart of the 2019-2020 season Thursday against New Orleans.
The Mercury News reported Thursday morning that the conference will announce its fall football plans and revised schedule next week.
Only four college football programs around the country improved their quarterback position via the transfer portal this offseason more than Utah, if you ask