This week on “Mormon Times TV” — the challenges and blessings of foster care, forgiving a tremendous loss, grandparenting while serving a mission, the new Provo City Center Utah Temple on stilts and life lessons Marie Osmond learned from her mother.
On our special “Mormon Times TV” Mother’s Day show, you’ll get to know the wives of the LDS First Presidency. One child from each of the three families will tell us what makes Sisters Frances Monson, Kathleen Eyring and Harriet Uchtdorf so special.
Sunday on “Mormon Times TV,” Richard & Linda Eyre will have tips on teaching children respect. Plus befriending your non-LDS neighbors without offending them. Also, Utah’s “Mr. Basketball” chooses faith over fame, and BYUtv’s “Studio C” comedy.
On April 21, you’ll see how teenage football players stepped in to stop bullying at their high school and changed a girl’s life. Plus relationship coach Matt Townsend, BYU’s Young Ambassadors, and Sister Elaine Dalton looks back.
On “Mormon Times TV,” what USU’s Danny Berger learned about faith and miracles after his near-death experience on the court. Plus, David Archuleta’s new music, and using principles of the gospel to change negative thought processes.
On a special edition of “Mormon Times TV,” Kyle Van Noy and Ziggy Ansah discuss football, friendship and faith. Plus the woman who played Emma Smith, the LDS Church’s London PR campaign, a new boy band and the story behind the Angel Moroni statues.
This Sunday, meet a family who not only forgave the man who killed their mother in a car crash, but surrounded him with love and support. Author Brad Wilcox discusses Jesus’ Atonement and, learn how to share the stories of our lives with loved ones.
This Sunday, we’ll look at Eagle Scout projects and lessons to be learned. We’ll talk with a missionary couple in Sierra Leone, discuss the challenges of missionaries who return early, and see how five seminary teachers lost big pounds for big cash.
On “Mormon Times TV,” you’ll see how to armor your children with Christian values — and it only takes minutes. Plus you’ll meet the reigning Miss Utah, and we’ll talk about “redefining” beauty, and the unique style of Salt Lake City architecture.
On “Mormon Times TV,” you’ll see how to use your mobile devices to access gospel materials, how LDS mission presidents are preparing for increased numbers of missionaries, and former Ute basketball star Mitch Smith tells his 10-year conversion story.
This Sunday on “Mormon Times TV,” Richard Eyre explains how to teach our children about money, including the spiritual implications. Plus all the great things going on with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir this year and more on the new Mexico MTC.
On “Mormon Times TV” this Sunday, we’ll visit with two women whose lives were changed through the power of hope — one, after great loss in the Trolley Square shootings; the other battling addiction. Plus channeling the power of hope for our good.
This Sunday on “Mormon Times TV,” we’ll explore the world of mid-singles in the LDS Church and find out how singles over 30 can remain steadfast. Plus you’ll find out what drives dancing violinist Lindsey Stirling, a new Mormon YouTube sensation.
On “Mormon Times TV,” psychologist Wendy Ulrich has tips to make your marriage better. Plus the teenager in “Dayton’s Legs” becomes an iron man, a musical dream realized for Nathan Pacheco, and the amazing widows of “Hearts Knit Together.”
On our January 13 episode of ‘Mormon Times TV,’ Susan Easton Black will show you how to make the most of your D&C study this year. Plus, Linda and Richard Eyre will visit and talk about making goals.
This week, a look back at some of our favorite stories from 2012 —including Elsha Stockseth, an artist who doesn’t let her muscular dystrophy stop her. Plus the Mormon mega wedding, Kenneth Cope, the stripling warriors march, and LDS mommy blo
This Sunday on “Mormon Times TV,” we’ll check in on the Uchtdorf family Christmas traditions with daughter, Antje Evans. See what it’s like to be an LDS cadet at West Point, and David Osmond and his wife, Valerie, sing a beautiful Christmas song.
On “Mormon Times TV,” hear Grammy nominated violinist Jenny Oaks Baker and former Celtic Woman singer Alex Sharpe share a gorgeous Christmas song. Plus the secret of successful blended families and how music unified the Utah 5A football champs.
On our Dec. 9 episode of “Mormon Times TV,” you’ll hear the story behind The Piano Guys and how they rely on God for guidance. Plus, missionary moms come together to honor two elders who won’t ever be coming home. And holiday gifts that inspire.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has found a way to utilize gaudy Times Square to target New Yorkers and millions of visitors in promoting its message of faith in Jesus Christ for Christmas.
On “Mormon Times TV” this Sunday: Brad Wilcox with ideas for better preparation for missionary service, an interview with BYU basketball star Tyler Haws, your favorite Primary songs, plus a month’s worth of Christmas activities on Temple Square.
This Sunday on “Mormon Times TV,” you’ll see how LDS members come to the rescue in the Superstorm Sandy cleanup effort. Plus a reality TV show starring real Mormon missionaries, and ideas for turning family fun into family service for the holidays.
This Sunday on “Mormon Times TV,” you’ll see how a grieving mother finds a way to pay tribute to micro-preemies. Also on November 11, holiday traditions focused on the Savior, LDS Charities partners with the US Navy, plus a local “super chapel.”
On “Mormon Times TV” this Sunday, you’ll hear an amazing story of faith from two LDS missionaries kidnapped in Russia 14 years ago. Also, John Bytheway will be along, plus a happy adoption story, the PCC marks 50-years, and LDS musician Justin Cash.
On “Mormon Times TV” this Sunday, you’ll see how a man who lost half his family finally found joy. Plus, relationship expert Matt Townsend on making resolutions a reality, a Book of Mormon testimony bears fruit and worthy Sunday music in your home.
This Sunday on “Mormon Times TV,” you’ll meet a group of so-called Mormon Mommy Bloggers, sharing the gospel online. Plus how to better understand and care for those with special needs, and tools for teenagers to combat today’s temptations.
This week on “Mormon Times TV,” Jimmer Fredette and his new wife explain how they live the gospel while playing in the NBA. Also, LDS therapist Julie Hanks helps us with warning signs for a dangerous problem. Plus Val Bagley, “The Cartoonist Guy.”
On “Mormon Times TV,” you’ll hear from Jimmy Osmond, plus two humanitarians who witnessed how Relief Society saved a life in Africa. Also--Elder Holland’s most embarrassing day, the temple as a place of healing, and goes international.
On “Mormon Times TV,” meet the Waldies. Five of their eight children got married the same day in the same LDS temple! Plus life-changing challenges with new triplets, teaching your kids the value of work, and football great Chad Lewis.
On Sunday’s “Mormon Times TV,” you’ll see how to treasure the sweetness of everyday moments. Plus, meet an LDS comedian in New York City and see something Pretty Darn Funny online. There’s also good news about an injured Mormon missionary.