Sen. Mike Lee is the senior United States Senator from Utah.

Army Private First Class Jose Valdez embodies the patriotism need to protect American ideals.
In his book “Saving Nine,” Utah’s Sen. Mike Lee writes about the debate over the future role of the United States Supreme Court.
The current Utah flag is in violation of the five elements of a good flag design.
You can have confidence in your vote for the 2022 midterms.
As Utah’s U.S. senator since 2011, Mike Lee advocates for upholding the U.S. Constitution and championing federalism.
Utah Sen. Mike Lee was a clerk for Justice Samuel Alito and got a close-up look at how the court keeps its work private.
Lamentably, the federal government does not have much enthusiasm for school choice. That cold shoulder toward school choice hurts low-income families the most.
As I got to know the Reid family, I came to appreciate Harry’s well-developed sense of humor and penchant for practical jokes.
Utah’s two senators and four congressmen are united in opposition to Biden’s expansion of Bears Ears and Grand-Staircase.
Racism is reprehensible, and any vestiges of it must be condemned. But attacking our founding principles is not the solution.
Memorial Day is a day set aside to memorialize that the record of American greatness is illuminated by the graves of her fallen.
The heart of criminal justice reform is helping our communities stay as safe and secure as possible, while simultaneously protecting the God-given equal rights of all Americans.
America’s ability to make our diversity a strength is part of what makes us the greatest nation on earth. Our job is to make sure our diversity pulls us together instead of pulling us apart
I rise today to honor my friend, Gary Herbert, governor of the state of Utah for the last 12 years, who after a long career in public service is embarking on a well-earned retirement.
Breaking down barriers in the foster care system is vital to connecting more children in need with stable, loving homes.
He says things I would never say, but actions speak louder than words, and his record is strong.
American economic recovery starts by opening one community at a time.
If our relationship with Russia is ever going to improve, its aggressive behavior must stop.