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Utah ranks 7th lowest in the country for mammogram screenings. Here are 4 common excuses—er, reasons—why women put off mammograms—and why they shouldn’t.
The role of telemedicine is expanding in Utah. One doctor explains virtual doctor visits and how they can help busy moms.
On February 1, the World Health Organization escalated concern by declaring the Zika virus a “public health emergency.” The virus has no vaccine and no treatment, and it is hard to detect. What does it mean for pregnant women here?
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Yes, hoverboards look cool ... but take a closer look before you get on.
Ho, ho, ho or no, no, no? The great Santa question can be a tough one for parents to tackle.
What’s that clenching in your chest, or that pain in your arm and jaw? Could it be a heart attack? You’ll get lifesaving emergency car in the ambulance. So don’t drive to the hospital yourself—call 911!
Did you know that more babies are born in the United States during the months of August, July, October and September than any other months? That means (subtract nine months) November and December are among the most popular months for conception.
If you’ve already had a kidney stone, your chance of getting another one in the next five years increases by 50 percent. What is about these tiny, harmless kidney stones that make men sob and women beg for the lesser pain of childbirth?
In honor of Movember, the November-long mustache growing initiative “changing the face” of men’s health by raising funds and awareness, here’s a little ‘stache-spiration for those looking to participate.
Every year, kids all around the country look forward to Oct. 31 — and for good reason. It’s Halloween; time for children to dress up as their favorite character, object or figment of their own imagination...
There is no statistically significant link between saturated fat and heart disease. Does this statement surprise you? Would it make you feel better while you enjoy a juicy cheeseburger or a creamy bowl of ice cream? Not so fast…
You’ve likely heard that the best defense against breast cancer is early detection. Definitely true, those yearly mammograms may not be as effective as you think — IF you’re among the 40 percent of American women who have been diagnosed with dense breasts.
It’s fall and that means it’s time for some football. However, the spotlight on America’s favorite sport does not always shine a positive light.
Whether or not to vaccinate your children, has been a topic of controversy in recent years, with many parents having a hard time making a decision. Here is a list of things you want to know about vaccinations, but are afraid to ask.
You have a terrible cold. It has given you an awful headache and you’ve been blowing your nose all day. You’ve taken Nyquil as prescribed but decide that the throbbing pain in your head has got to go. So you take a maximum dosage of Tylenol. Both are over-the-counter medicines; they’re harmless, right?
You’re likely asking yourself; why in the world would I drive with only one shoe on? The answer is: a simple but noticeable change in your routine can help you remember your precious baby in the back seat when you reach your destination.
Cervical cancer does not have to cause fear and anxiety if you take steps to prevent it.
Back pain varies so it is important to know which symptoms you need to pay attention to.