A new study by NetCredit explores side hustles in the United States, and shows that marketing strategy and mobile app developer gigs are the highest-paying options available.

Other high-paying options include business presentation designing, website designing and songwriting, according to a press pack provided to Deseret News.

A list of the top 20 side hustles from all studied fields.

The study also looked at the highest-paying side hustles across various regions — including Europe and South America — and found that website developers and logo designers are the best paid freelancers in multiple countries.

Here are the top paying side hustles by career field within the U.S.

Artificial intelligence (AI) field

A top 10 list of AI side hustles.

Even as a relatively newer side hustle, working with AI can result in some strong “money-making opportunities,” per NetCredit.

The highest average pay for AI gigs goes to those who assist with AI spokesperson videos. They get an average of $131 per 24-hour job completion.

The next best paying AI job — AI content editing — earns less than half as much, on average, over the same time period, reported NetCredit.

Business field

A top 10 of business side hustles.

Found as the highest paying assignment by some margin, per NetCredit, business side hustles are always being outsourced by companies large and small.

The highest average pay for business gigs comes to pitch deck presenters, making an average of $104 per 24-hour job completion.

What NetCredit advises is that business freelancers are typically consulted to not just “produce the cards,” but to also share guidance of the structure of the pitch itself. Because of this, it’s essential to know where your expertise lies so that you know what to provide — and what you can charge.

Data science and analytics field

A top 10 list of data science and analytics side hustles.

Data analysis has been a booming field in recent years, and as it’s become a growing part of multiple industries, it’s grown into a lucrative source of side gig opportunities.

The highest average pay for data analysis gigs goes to those who build data dashboards. They make an average of $120 per 24-hour job completion.

When it comes to working in data, data freelancers may work on projects either “designing a data dashboard from scratch” or “entering and processing data on an existing system,” per NetCredit.

Design field

A top 10 list of design side hustles.

With online content comes a need to make it shine — through its design.

The highest average pay for design gigs goes to presentation designers. They make around $163 for a 24-hour job completion, with website design falling just short at $162.

As gigs that utilize “storytelling, audience awareness and branding,” design gigs can also be complimented with AI tools to help create products that are both “impactful and accessible,” said NetCredit.

Digital marketing field

A top 10 list of digital marketing side hustles.

Marketing is a necessity for most corporations since they benefit from engaging their respective audiences. From social media marketing to mobile app marketing, this field serves a wide range of companies — and supports many types of side hustles.

The highest average pay for marketing gigs goes to marketing strategists, who make an average of $178 per 24-hour job completion. According to NetCredit, it’s the highest average of any side hustle gathered from the study.

Writing and editing field

A top 10 list of writing side hustles.

Writing can be a rewarding side hustle if you are interested in putting in the work.

The highest average pay for writing gigs goes to those who write for LinkedIn profiles. They make around $110 per 24-hour job completion.

Writing anything with a professional standard “requires skill and practice,” and it takes making connections — alongside an impressive portfolio — to make gigs happen, per NetCredit.

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