A new feature may soon be rolling out on LinkedIn. Several users have noticed that there’s a new option showing up: a vertical video feed that has become a staple on other social media channels.

This new feed would allow users to watch and swipe up on vertical videos, similar to apps like Instagram and TikTok. Earlier this week, LinkedIn confirmed to TechCrunch that it is testing out the new feature.

Users’ first experience with TikTok-like feed

Yesterday was when LinkedIn users started posting to social media about the new video feed feature on their apps. LinkedIn user Karine Hsu shared on X her thoughts on the new feature, saying, “feels like TikTok for work - currently a mix of inspirational podcast clips + current events.”

Another LinkedIn user, Austin Null, shared in his LinkedIn page a screen capture video of his LinkedIn feed showing the new video feature. He shared, “I told y’all once LinkedIn as a product catches up to the other platforms it’s over 👀💯.”

According to Mashable, LinkedIn has been growing its influencer base, bringing in podcasters, career coaches and business owners.

Why are vertical videos impactful?

According to Business Insider, vertical videos are often a staple in younger users’ feeds and is universal among all their media options. Multiple apps have already adopted this feature, including YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, among others. TikTok’s bite-size video format makes it easy for users to enjoy content in only seconds, per LinkedIn.

According to an article published on Medium, there are several advantages to creating content in a vertical video format:

  • They are more engaging and easy to watch.
  • It’s an immersive experience that comes with less distractions when compared to horizontal videos.
  • They are made for smaller screens and meant to replicate the natural scrolling motion of phones.
  • Vertical videos are shorter in length, often used for quick information or promotions.
  • Many social media platforms use a vertical format, so it’s easier on users to watch vertical videos with this same format.
  • A vertical video is a great format to utilize storytelling features.

The Washington Post reports that TikTok became a game for its users. “Every swipe could bring something better, but viewers don’t know when they’ll get it, so they keep swiping in anticipation of something they might never find.”

This keeps users on the app for long periods of time.

But its addictive nature has worried policymakers. According to Business Insider, government officials were concerned that the infinite scrolling nature could addict users and possibly worsen users’ mental health, leading to a lawsuit against Meta.

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