A new massive survey of more than 800 people suggests that the COVID-19 vaccines from Pfizer, Moderna and others can lessen the impact of long COVID-19 symptoms.

What is long COVID-19?

  • Long COVID-19 refers to a scenario where people suffer long-haul symptoms that can include fatigue, headaches, hoarse voice, muscle pain, difficulty breathing, brain fog and more, as I’ve written about for the Deseret News.

Does the COVID-19 vaccine stop long COVID-19?

A new survey, which has not been peer reviewed, found that COVID-19 vaccines tend to end most long COVID-19 symptoms.

  • The survey was done by the advocacy group LongCovidSOS.
These 5 COVID-19 symptoms predict whether you’re a long-hauler or not

The analysis surveyed about 812 people with long COVID-19 symptoms — which refers to a list of symptoms that people feel for months after being infected with COVID-19 — from the United Kingdom and across the world, The Guardian reports,

  • The participants in the study were asked to wait one week after their first COVID-19 dose to make sure their responses weren’t based on the side effects of the vaccine, according to The Guardian.

What did the long COVID-19 study find?

In total, the study found 56.7% of people experienced improvement in symptoms. Meanwhile, 24.6% said their symptoms went unchanged and 18.7% said there was “a deterioration in their symptoms,” per The Guardian.

Long COVID-19 and the COVID-19 vaccine

We’ve heard reports that the COVID-19 vaccine has helped COVID-19 survivors deal with their long COVID-19 symptoms. The New York Times reported that survivors who had long COVID-19 symptoms said they felt better after they got the COVID-19 vaccine.

  • “It’s a phenomenon that doctors and scientists are watching closely, but as with much about the yearlong coronavirus pandemic, there are many uncertainties,” according to The New York Times.