The omicron variant hasn’t gone away. In fact, the variant has continued to spread across the country, infecting adults and children alike.

The news: Emma Duncan, a medical professor at King’s College London, recently spoke with Insider about the most common omicron variant symptoms for children based on data from the ZOE COVID-19 study, which allows people to report their COVID-19 symptoms.

The top omicron variant symptoms for children include:

  1. Fatigue.
  2. Headache.
  3. Sore throat.
  4. Runny nose.
  5. Sneezing.
  6. Fever.
  7. Cough.

Extra details: Less common symptoms include intestinal issues, like diarrhea and rashes, Insider reports.

  • She said vaccination might diminish the frequency and length of these omicron variant symptoms, but the data is still unclear.

The bigger picture: The omicron variant has been spreading faster among children compared to previous COVID-19 variants like the delta variant, Dr. Sam Dominguez, a pediatric infectious disease doctor at Children’s Hospital Colorado, told WCNC-TV.

The early omicron variant symptoms to remember

One more note: I reported for the Deseret News that the omicron variant has led to a rise in severe COVID-19 symptoms and hospitalizations, mostly among children who are too young to get vaccinated against the coronavirus.