“Joker” fans wanting to dress up the titular character won’t be doing so at a Landmark Theaters location.

What’s going on: Landmark Theaters will ban customers and employees who dress up for “Joker” during the opening weekend, signaling the first ban on any costumes or masks ahead of the film’s release.

  • “We don’t comment on anything to do with operating procedures, but we are not allowing costumes, face painting or masks by either our employees or guests,” Landmark said in a statement.

What he said: Landmark Theaters CEO Ted Mundorff confirmed the news to TMZ.

Landmark Theaters will be the first theater chain to ban cosplay for the film, he said.

  • “Other nationwide theater chains have yet to put any bans in place for masks or costumes, but with a week to go until the film’s release, it’s possible they could update their protocols,” according to ComicBook.com.

More: Regal Cinemas issued a statement to the public Thursday, saying films are not “a cause or a signal for violence,” according to Yahoo! Entertainment.

  • “Nevertheless, although we do not comment on security protocols implemented by our theaters at any time, patron and employee safety is our foremost concern,” the Regal spokesperson said. “In collaboration with NATO, we are in regular contact year-round with law enforcement so we have information to help make whatever security assessments they deem appropriate at all times.”