California Gov. Gavin Newsom has reportedly sent a team to Florida to inspect the reopening of Walt Disney World as he works to create guidelines for Disneyland to reopen, The Orange Counter Register reports.

Newsom said Monday that officials went down to Disney World and to Florida’s theme parks to better understand the reopening situation.

  • “I have a whole team that spends their time not only getting the answer to that question, but asking those same questions,” Newsom said during the news conference. “And so this week, as a proof point of that, we have supported an effort to actually find out directly by sending our own team to these sites, as relates to theme parks, to get a better sense of what’s going on. While we absolutely take people’s word for information that they provide us, we want to see things for ourselves.”
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California Health and Human Services Agency spokesperson Kate Folmar told the OC Register:

  • “We sent health officials to open and operating theme parks out of state last week, independently of operators, to assess the health safeguards in practice. These visits will help inform our pending theme park guidance.”

Newsom said recently that California and Disneyland are having “good faith” negotiations  about reopening, Deadline reports.

  • “We’re going back and forth,” he said.
  • Newsom said the state is “doing our own research on the viability of reopening the theme parks sooner rather than later.”