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Yoda will return in ‘Star Wars: The High Republic.’ Here’s where you’ll find him

Master Yoda will make an appearance in a new comic book.

A young Yoda will appear in the new series ‘The High Republic.’
A young Yoda will appear in the new series ‘The High Republic.’, Lucasfilm

Master Yoda will make his return in the “Star Wars: The High Republic” saga, and now we know a specific point in which he’ll appear.

What’s going on? revealed Wednesday that Master Yoda will be teaching a lesson in the “Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures” comic series.

  • In the series, a group of Yoda’s Padawan’s will be tasked with protecting the Republic in order to become powerful Jedi.
  • Details about how Yoda returns weren’t revealed.
  • You can find this story in the IDW comic series “Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures” from writer Daniel José Older.

Key quote:

  • “It’s a thrill for us to get to participate in the storytelling of this bold new era of Star Wars lore,” editor Elizabeth Brei told Star “Daniel, Harvey, and Rebecca are building an incredible chapter of the story that is truly essential reading for the High Republic initiative.”


In September, released first-look images of Yoda from the upcoming “Star Wars: The High Republic Series,” saying the Jedi Master would appear in the series.

Remember, “The High Republic” — a series of books, novels and comic books — takes place 200 years before “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.” This would make Yoda a prominent member of the Jedi community and around 700 years old. Yoda died at around 900 years old at the time of “Return of the Jedi.”