Among Us — the popular viral video game about space crewmates and imposters — is still getting a heavy amount of users, setting all-time records for mobile games.

What’s going on?

New numbers from Nielsen’s SuperData found Among Us had about 500 million users in November alone, which means the game had the most monthly players for a mobile video game ever, according to The Verge.

  • The numbers were higher than those for Pokemon Go and Candy Crush Saga.
  • The Verge reports that the new most-popular game had about 300 million users.
  • The game has a mobile presence, too, with only 3% of users playing on PC as opposed to mobile.
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Some context:

Among Us has become one of the more popular video games of the year, and it didn’t really pick up steam until the end of 2020, as I wrote about for the Deseret News.

  • The game calls for gamers to work as a team to figure out who on their space ship is sabotaging a mission. Other participants complete tasks in the meantime as they evade the imposter, who can kill them in-game.

More users coming?

Nintendo recently released Among Us on the Nintendo Switch, which means an entire population of gamers will now have additional access to the game.

Among Us sequel?

There were some early rumblings of a sequel to the game. But The Verge reports the developers of the game canceled a sequel since the current version has been so successful.

  • “The main reason we (were) shooting for a sequel is because the codebase of Among Us 1 is so outdated and not built to support adding so much new content,” InnerSloth said in a blog post. “However, seeing how many people are enjoying Among Us 1 really makes us want to be able to support the game and take it to the next level.”