SALT LAKE CITY — On the season 18 premiere of “The Voice” Monday night, a 16-year-old singer from Salt Lake City got some real-time coaching from the show’s newest coach — Nick Jonas

Tate Brusa sang Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” for his blind audition. It took some time for judges to turn their chairs, but once Brusa hit a particularly raspy note, Jonas and longtime coach Blake Shelton were battling for the contestant. 

After Brusa finished singing, coach Kelly Clarkson said she was impressed with his voice considering his age. 

“I could tell you were young, and I mean that in a positive way because I think that people like you really do flourish on this show because there’s somewhere for you to progress to,” Clarkson told him. 

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To win Brusa over, Jonas decided to show the 16-year-old singer what he could do for him on the spot. 

“I write things down as a way to remember things. But I wrote the word ‘fight’ because I heard the fight in your voice and I think i can help you just hone in the moments that vocally weren’t your best,” he said. “So if it’s OK,  I’ll do some real-time coaching for you.” 

All smiles, Brusa handed his guitar to Jonas. Jonas told the young singer to change his posture and stand up straighter to allow his voice to open up more. Then he played the guitar as Brusa took his advice and sang out with more confidence.

“Blake, you have just lost,” Clarkson said with a laugh.

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In the end, Brusa went with Jonas, one of two singers Monday night to go with the singer/actor.

Brusa has been singing his whole life and got his raspy tone from damaging his vocal cords when he was young, according to a news release. When he was 7, his parents got him a guitar to accompany his singing, which encouraged him to start writing his own songs.

Last year, Brusa performed a six-day set at the Sundance Film Festival, too.