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Buckle up, boomers — ‘The Bachelor’ is making a senior spinoff

Ethel, will you accept this rose?

ABC announced they are “now casting seniors looking for love” after Monday’s episode of The Bachelor.
ABC announced it is “now casting seniors looking for love” after Monday’s episode of “The Bachelor,” for a new dating series titled “Seniors Looking for Love.”

After Monday’s episode of “The Bachelor” featuring Delta pilot Peter Weber, fans were given an unexpected surprise: a casting notice. Rob Mills, the head of reality shows at ABC, posted a photo of the announcement on Twitter, quipping, “Give us your Grumpiest Old Men, give us your Goldenest Girls.”

But is it real? Is ABC really making a senior spinoff? Surprisingly, yes.

The network is currently casting singles over the age of 65, and once the cast is set, network executives will make the final decision on whether to officially greenlight the show, Newsweek reports.

One of “The Bachelor” producers shared the application information on her Instagram, saying that all interested parties over age 65 should go to to apply. The extensive questionnaire asks about income, criminal history, grandkids, reality show experience, relationship history and even tattoos.

This isn’t the only new show being added to the “Bachelor” universe this year, Yahoo! News reports. After the current season of the original series airs, ABC is airing “Listen to Your Heart,” a singing competition combined with a dating show — an incredibly odd concept but there’s truly no other way to explain it — on April 13.

Fox News reports the 65+ spinoff, “Seniors Looking for Love,” has no set filming or air date.