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New ‘Clone Wars’ clip hints at Ahsoka and Maul confrontation

Will the two battle again?

Ahsoka Tano and Maul in “Star Wars: The Clone Wars,” exclusively on Disney Plus.
Ahsoka Tano and Maul in “Star Wars: The Clone Wars,” exclusively on Disney Plus.
Disney Plus Media Relations

“Star Wars: The Clone Wars” is inching toward another epic battle between Ahsoka Tano and Darth Maul.

  • Disney Plus released a new clip for the forthcoming episode of “The Clone Wars,” which is titled “The Phantom Apprentice.”
  • In the clip, Ahsoka meets with Commander Rex and then a solider named Sterling. The soldier claims Maul — yes, Darth Maul from “The Phantom Menace” — took a soldier named Jessie.
  • The clip lasts about one minute. But it’s enough to get you hyped for the upcoming episode of “The Clone Wars.”

The episode synopsis reads:

“Ahsoka leads Republic clones to confront Maul’s forces on Mandalore, while Maul senses the impending chaos and makes a calculated play to ensure his own survival in “The Phantom Apprentice,” an all-new episode of ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ this Friday, April 24 on Disney Plus.”

Last week, the last episode of “The Clone Wars” ended with Darth Maul making his return to the franchise. Maul has been a character throughout the series, having survived his death in “The Phantom Menace.” The last time we saw Maul, he took control of the planet Mandalore and gained ownership of the Darksaber, a unique weapon that touts a black blade.

  • All signs point toward Maul and Ahsoka having a final confrontation in the upcoming “Clone Wars” episode.