Disney Plus has released a new clip for its upcoming episode of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars,” and it hints at the danger of Order 66.

Disney Plus released early details for its upcoming “The Clone Wars” episode, sharing that Order 66 will be declared within the episode.

Order 66 is the major moment in “Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith” when clone troopers of the Republic Army turn on their Jedi commanders, killing them en masse.

The official description for the episode confirms that Order 66 will be declared in the forthcoming episode.

The newly released clip for the upcoming episode, titled “Shattered,” shows Ahsoka and Commander Rex heading back to Coruscant after capturing Maul in the previous episode.

The two share thoughts about how the war was affected them since the beginning.

A darker melody plays in the background of the clip hinting that the conversation is happening just as Order 66 is about to begin.

In the clip, Ahsoka walks across the ship’s deck in scenes eerily familiar to those we see in later “Star Wars” films with Darth Vader — yet another hint that the show is about to take a darker turn.

“Shattered” will be available for streaming on Friday, May 1, at 1 a.m. EDT.