A scene in the most recent episode of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” may have hinted at Ahsoka Tano’s future in “The Mandalorian.”

What’s going on:

‘Clone Wars’ connection:

One of the Mandalorians wonder if Ahsoka is the same Jedi she met on the planet Carlac. That Mandalorian is Bo-Katan Kryze, according to ComicBook.com, who is the sister of Duchess Satine, who previously ruled the planet Mandalore. Darth Maul killed her seasons ago. Bo-Katan briefly met Ahsoka on Carlac in “The Clone Wars.”

A ‘Star Wars Rebels’ nod

  • Bo-Katan stands with Ursa Wren in that scene. Ursa Wren is the mother of Sabine Wren, one of the main characters from “Star Wars Rebels,” who teams up with Ahsoka at the end of the series.

Setup for ‘The Mandalorian’

“Some fans also feel that the armor worn by these three Mandalorians resembles the armor worn by the Armorer in The Mandalorian. This has led to some speculation that one of the three — either Bo-Katan, Ursa, or the unnamed third in the group — could be the Armorer. If this is the case, it stands to reason that the Armorer would have the means of contacting Ahsoka during the Mandalorian community’s hour of need.”

The eighth episode of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” airs Friday morning on Disney Plus.