Chrissy Teigen absolutely owns it with “Chrissy’s Court,” a remade version of “Judge Judy” featuring real cases, real people and real problems. The show includes couples battling out over buying gifts and couple squabbles rather than real-life court stuff.

Like other shows on the platform, there’s some language to watch out for. But the show’s aim is to show us how to deal with conflict in a comedic way. Anyone who is a fan of “Judge Judy” and shows where couples, friends and enemies work out their problems will enjoy this show for sure.

Plus, Teigen absolutely owns the stage whenever she appears on it. She is a hilarious judge, fully embracing her role here. It’s nice to see more of Teigen in general since we don’t see her too much in the public eye.

The Quibi format of short episode definitely helps this show. Only quick, 6-minute episodes give you a glimpse at each individual case and that’s all. It doesn’t drag out over multiple episodes or for longer than you want. You watch one case and then you’re out. It’s a fun experience for anyone loving courtroom drama.