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New ‘Star Wars’ series announced for Disney Plus. Here’s what we know

Another ‘Star Wars’ Disney Plus project is in the works

The first “The Mandalorian” trailer dropped at the D23 Expo.
The first “The Mandalorian” trailer dropped at the D23 Expo.

Disney announced a new television series set in the “Star Wars” universe, which will stream on Disney Plus.

What’s the news:

  • Disney announced a new untitled “Star Wars” series for Disney Plus on Monday, which is considered “Star Wars Day” since it is May 4 (May the 4th).
  • Leslye Headland (“Russian Doll,” “Bachelorette”) will write, executive produce and serve as showrunner for the series.
  • It’s unclear what the project will be about.

Other Disney Plus projects

Disney Plus has three “Star Wars” projects in the works.

What will the new series be about?

  • It’s really unclear what the new Disney series will be focus on.
  • There have been rumors of a Boba Fett movie, though that seems to have been repackaged into “The Mandalorian.” There were briefly rumors of a Darth Maul television series, too. But his character has been rumored to appear in “The Mandalorian” too.