Melanie Gibb, the former best friend of Lori Vallow, will speak in the “Dateline NBC” special about Vallow and Chad Daybell, which airs Monday night.

This will be Gibb’s first TV interview.

What’s happening:

  • “Dateline NBC” will air a special Monday night centered on the case of Daybell and Vallow.
  • Gibb — one of Vallow’s former best friends — told “Dateline NBC” that she received calls from Vallow and Daybell last December “asking her to lie about where Vallow’s two missing children were,” according to NBC News.
  • Gibb said: “I can’t even begin to tell you how horrible that moment was for me. ... They tried to use me as their way of escape.”
  • She added: “So part of me is processing, ‘I can’t believe you’re friends with these people.’ The other part of me is like, ‘how did you even believe any of the things they shared to you?’”

Watch below.

Melanie Gibb in the news

  • Gibb has made national headlines in the past for her three-part interview with about the Daybell case.
  • She talked about a number of subjects, including references to zombies — an intriguing note in the overall case. Gibb said Lori Vallow told her JJ Vallow had become a zombie, as I reported for the Deseret News.
  • “She said that he had turned into a zombie the day before I got there, and she was pointing out behaviors of his. … She was trying to create uncertainty in me about what I saw. … I was looking at him and thought, ‘I don’t know. He looks just like JJ to me.’”