The second part of an interview with Lori Vallow Daybell’s best friend Melanie Gibb just went live, and it is packed with a number of interesting details about the case. recently interview Melanie Gibb, the so-called best friend of Lori Vallow Daybell. Gibb talked with about the Daybell case and all the insights her team has.

Gibb talked about a number of subjects related to the case in the second part of the interview, including references to zombies, JJ Vallow’s disappearance and more.

On zombies: Gibb said Lori Vallow told her JJ Vallow had become a zombie. “She said that he had turned into a zombie the day before I got there, and she was pointing out behaviors of his. … She was trying to create uncertainty in me about what I saw. … I was looking at him and thought, ‘I don’t know. He looks just like JJ to me.’”

On J.J. Vallow’s disappearance: Gibb said Lori Vallow told her that he should live at his grandmother’s house. Gibb said Lori Vallow told her to lie to authorities about J.J. Vallow’s whereabouts. “She asked me to tell the police that J.J. was with me. I was going to drive to Arizona for Thanksgiving, and he was going to go with me. She had made it sound like we had arranged it or something … she was going to come down there later and pick him up. It was a foreign idea. … I can’t even tell you how uncomfortable (it was).”

On Chad Daybell and Lori Vallow: Gibb said she hopes the couple repents. “I’m only here to share the truth because of those that passed away, and that justice needs to be served. … But if you’re Lori … She’s got to admit that these people are dead and it was because of their teachings and their ideas that they had these things happen. … You would have to admit you actually had something to do with the death of your family,” Gibb says. “It would be hard to say, ‘My belief systems are false.’”

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