Tim and Fred Williams are twins who have become stars for their viral videos, which shows them reacting to classic songs for the first time, according to People magazine.

What’s going on:

  • The Williams twins — who are 21 and from Gary, Indiana — listened to Lil Wayne and Twista growing up. But there are a slew of songs they’ve never heard before. Now, they’re reacting to them.
  • The songs come from artists, including Freddie Mercury and Queen, Luther Vandross, Tom Jones, opera star Luciano Pavarotti and Aerosmith.
  • Tim Williams came up with the idea while Fred Williams studied at Indiana State University. He wanted to broaden their music knowledge.
  • So they set up a studio where they listen to classic songs they’ve never heard before and react to those classics. The duo has more than 92,000 YouTube subscribers.
  • The channel is called “First Time Hearing: TwinsthenewTrend.”
  • Fred Williams told People magazine: “There’s more than just rap out there. There’s so much more than I ever thought.”

How classic songs help

  • Classic songs have helped people stay entertained during the coronavirus pandemic. According to Billboard, labels have seen a rise in people listening to classic songs and niche genres, giving exposure to music that hasn’t been announced.
  • Bruce Resnikoff, president/CEO of Universal Music Enterprises, said: “Familiarity and comfort are what people are seeking now and there’s a sense of safety in what you know and were raised on,”