The ongoing rumor about Disney ignoring the “Star Wars” sequel trilogy just gained some new ground, albeit with some slight changes to what was originally suggested.

An online rumor — which comes from the a YouTube channel — suggested there’s some inner divide in Disney about the direction of the “Star Wars” franchise, saying that Disney planned to “erase” the franchise’s sequels by pretending they only happened in an alternative timeline, as I wrote about for In short, Disney would use devices seen in “Star Wars: Rebels” to rework the sequel trilogy so the events of Rey, Finn and Poe only happened in a secondary timeline, becoming works of “Star Wars Legends” rather than the true canon.

At the same time, the rumor suggested there’s an ongoing divide within Disney over the “Star Wars” franchise, and that Kathleen Kennedy would soon step down.

But Grace Randolph — creator and host of “Beyond The Trailer” on YouTube — shared some new information that adds to the ongoing rumor.

Of course, none of this is confirmed and remains an internet-based rumor. Disney has not commented on the rumors. Lucasfilm hasn’t commented, either. But these rumors have a tendency to shift and evolve into true stories over time.

Still, they are interesting to speculate on.

Randolph said Kennedy would not step down. Instead, she would remain through the end of her contract, which ends in 2021. The contract would not be renewed, Randolph said.

The sequel trilogy would not be erased, she said. Rather, they would be “more ignored.”

She said the events of the sequel films will still have happened. But the events “happened to people we aren’t following anymore.”

Randolph explained more in a YouTube video, according to Cosmic Book News.

“So, no, Kathleen Kennedy, as I tweeted, isn’t getting fired and they are not erasing her trilogy, because big business simply doesn’t work that way,” she said. “People make very careful moves in big business. You don’t want to have enemies. You have to understand how business works to see how everything is going to be able to move forward. So instead of ‘firing’ and ‘erasing,’ it looks like they are not going to renew her contract a second time when the current extension runs out in 2021.”

Randolph said there will be a new head at Lucasfilm by 2022. Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni — who manage “The Mandalorian” and “Clone Wars,” respectively — will be the heads of the franchise moving forward, she said.

“And by the time Star Wars Celebration finally returns after a two-year hiatus in 2022, likely with a new head of Lucasfilm, I think it will be a celebration indeed,” said Randolph.