Parents don’t really want to bring their children to Disneyland — the so-called the happiest place on Earth — right now, mostly because of the coronavirus pandemic.

A new survey from Morning Consult found that majority of parents questioned were “not interested” in bringing their family to a theme park in summer 2020. A higher number of parents said they’d be interest in bringing their children to a theme park in summer 2021, though.

The poll found 26% of parents said they favored going to Disney World right now and 26% said they favored going to Disneyland.

But that’s the minority. In total, 78% of parents said they didn’t want to visit a theme park. Those numbers dropped a little for fall and winter 2020. The number dropped to a low of 42% for summer 2021, though.

So what would make the experience better? According to the survey, 40% of participants said social distancing, masks and limited capacity would make a return to theme parks feel safer.

Disney has implemented a number of measures at Walt Disney World to make people feel safe with coming back. For example, face masks are required in the theme park. Social distancing has been implemented as well. There has also been an increased in sanitization and cleaning procedures at the park.

But even those measures aren’t enough to sway parents, according to the new poll.

“And while Disney resorts have adapted to the COVID-19 era of business through the implementation of a number of safety measures — highlighted in a marketing video that prompted so much online ridicule over its allegedly dystopian tone that Disney pulled the clip — relatively few parents said the measures would entice them to return.”