The hype for the second season of “The Mandalorian” is so real, and we might get our first taste of the new season Thursday or Saturday night.

What’s happening?

LRM Online — a news and rumors site for the entertainment industry — published a new rumor that suggests we might see “The Mandalorian” trailer on one of two nights this week.

  • Thursday, Aug. 20, during the Portland Trail Blazers vs. Los Angeles Lakers game.
  • Saturday, Aug. 22, during the Portland Trail Blazers vs. Los Angeles Lakers game.

Thursday night’s game airs on ESPN, and Saturday night’s airs on ABC — both of which are owned by Disney.

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Of note:

According to, this weekend would have been the “Star Wars Celebration” event in Anaheim, California, if the coronavirus pandemic hadn’t delayed the event. New trailers, teasers and news surrounding “Star Wars” often drop during that week.

  • In fact, the first footage of “The Mandalorian” came out during that event when it was held in April 2019.
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What to expect:

The new season has a lot of hype around it already.

  • We know Rosario Dawson is likely joining the show to play Ahsoka Tano — the main character from “The Clone Wars.” 
  •  Boba Fett might return for the new season.
  • Last season ended with the show’s villain, Moff Gideon, holding the darksaber.