2K and Visual Concepts debuted a new list of features and innovations for the upcoming WWE 2K22 video game, and it sounds like they might have added a new ultimate team mode similar to NBA 2K22’s MyTeam mode.

On its list of new features and changes for WWE 2K22, 2K listed the creation of a new MyFACTION mode.

“In a franchise-first, the all-new MyFACTION puts players in control of building a legendary faction that rivals the iconic nWo. Players will collect, manage, and upgrade Superstars, with weekly events and regular updates,” 2K said in a press release about the mode.

No further details were given.

This sounds like it could be WWE 2K’s version of the NBA 2K MyTeam mode, or even something you’d see with FIFA Ultimate Team or Madden Ultimate Team modes.

These modes center around building a team by collecting digital cards of various players. From there, gamers use their teams to compete online and to finish challenges throughout the life cycle of the game. These modes are often accompanied by digital trading card packs, which players can open to find rewards.

The new MyFACTION mode sounds like it could be that kind of mode for WWE 2K22. It centers around collecting, upgrading and managing superstars, which sounds like an ultimate team mode.

“We’ll share more info about MyFACTION and all of the other game modes in January,” 2K said to me in a statement.

The WWE 2K games already allow players to build teams and factions for their own gameplay. But competing in weekly events sounds like the beginnings of a more competitive mode.

It’s unclear what will happen with MyFACTION mode. But the similarities to MyTeam are there. More updates will be revealed soon.

2K also announced a slew of new updates for the game, including a new gameplay engine, new controls and presentation. The MyGM mode will return, allowing gamers to draft superstars and book their own pro wrestling shows. Similarly, the MyRISE mode will allow players to compete as a WWE superstar and climb through the ranks.

WWE 2K22 is currently scheduled for release in March 2022. 2K said it will release additional details in January 2022.