Josh Groban has a “bucket-list song” — one he’s never recorded but hopes to perform some day. It also happens to be his favorite love song.

“‘Unchained Melody’ ... I think it’s probably one of, if not the best love song,” Groban said during a recent interview on “Today.” “The big challenge for a singer is what on earth are you going to do that both honors the original and also allows you to kind of do your own thing to it? And so that’s why sometimes I wait a couple decades, because I just don’t feel ready.”

Which means Groban probably won’t be performing the classic love song during his Valentine’s Day show. But he is promising fans a “full-length concert” of romantic hits — everything from “So She Dances” to “When You Say You Love Me” to “She’s Always a Woman.”

“I’ve always felt very lucky that I have music this time of year because I’ve always been much better at singing my feelings than speaking them,” Groban told “Today.”

The show is one of several virtual concerts Groban has done for fans during the pandemic. The “You Raise Me Up” singer was on the tail-end of a tour when the lockdown began.

“I didn’t know if I would love the virtual concert thing,” he told “Today.” “There’s something just kind of beautiful about the fact that we are all in isolation ... and the comments that I get afterwards on Instagram and Twitter about just how important it is that we connect even virtually — and especially during times when we want to be together, like Valentine’s Day — I’m glad to be a part of that and help put a smile on people’s faces.”

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The Valentine’s Day concert is streaming in multiple time zones, and will air at 6 p.m. MT. via Tickets are $30 and can be purchased at The concert will be available to watch on-demand for 48 hours after the airing ends in each time zone.

For Groban, the pandemic has reiterated that nothing can ever replace the palpable energy of a live, in-person performance. But for now, these livestreams are providing him — and his fans, he hopes — with healing and comfort.

“Everybody could’ve just packed it in and said, ‘Look, these are going to be the dark times and we’re just going to be quiet until we come out of it,’” Groban previously told the Deseret News. “What it shows us first of all is that I don’t think anybody wants this to be the new normal. I think that when we come back to the point where we can all be in a room and cheer our heads off and do the full show and celebrate that, it will be like a renaissance — bigger than anything we’ve ever had in the past because we all miss it so much and we realize how much we need it.”

Later this month, a deluxe edition of Groban’s new album “Harmony,” which came out a few months ago, will be available on Feb. 26, the Deseret News reported. The new edition will feature six additional covers, according to Groban’s Twitter.