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Don’t kill the magic of ‘Star Wars’

Megan Fox reveals why being in ‘Star Wars’ would not be fun

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A Star Destroyer in “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.”

A Star Destroyer in “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.” Megan Fox reveals why being in ‘Star Wars’ would not be fun for her.

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Megan Fox made a really interesting point about why she doesn’t want to appear in “Star Wars” — she doesn’t want to ruin the magic of the franchise.

Fox — who starred in the “Transformers” franchise — recently told Yahoo Entertainment that she’s always loved the “Star Wars” movies and television shows. But she has never wanted to appear in a “Star Wars” project because it might ruin the fun of the franchise.

“It’s hard because there are certain things that I’m a fan of, that I love them so much that I wouldn’t want to be in them,” she told Yahoo Entertainment. “For an instant a long time ago when they were casting a new character in ‘The Hobbit’ movies, one of the elves, a part of me was like, ‘I have to do it.’ And then a part of me was like, ‘No, it’ll ruin it for you forever to have to be on the inside of it, it kills the magic.’ So it’s hard, because obviously who doesn’t want to be in a ‘Star Wars’ movie? But then, at the same time, it’s like, ‘I can’t love the movie anymore because I have to look at my stupid face and be upset about all the things I did wrong in it.’ So there’s that.”

Why skipping ‘Star Wars’ and Marvel is so surprising

Fox has an interesting point here that’s worth thinking about a little bit more.

It’s clear she could probably work her way into a role in the “Star Wars” franchise, especially since she’s been in the “Transformers” franchise and had an appearance at the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” remake from earlier in the year. She has built a career of franchise appearances, so it’s not unlikely she could snag a part in “Star Wars” — especially since actors and actresses are earning cameo roles all the time.

But Fox is taking a different stance on the franchise appearance during a time when cinematic universes, trilogies and multi-project series are all the rage in the Hollywood industry. We see new Marvel movies announced all the time. There’s a new episode to either a “Star Wars” or “Marvel” project just about every week now. There is so much content centered around franchises.

It appears that Fox wants to remain on the sidelines instead of joining the crowded field of MCU and Star Wars stars. She doesn’t want to assemble with the Avengers or pilot the Millenium Falcon. She rather watch “Star Wars” from a crowded theater.

This is despite the fact that everyone knows joining big franchises is worth it, as far as career growth goes. You work your way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and you’re set for a potential future role in the future. You’re an instant name. You earn bags of cash (just look at Robert Downey Jr.) And everyone is getting into the universe eventually. Look at Owen Wilson. The actor had avoided the MCU for so long before he was cast in “Loki” as Agent Mobius. Same thing for actress Rachel Weisz and actor David Harbour in “Black Widow.” These are new actresses and actors making their way into the universe.

“It’s wonderful to see people come into something with excitement and wide-eyed and get to experience the incredible world of Marvel and making these huge productions,” said Scarlett Johansson about adding new actors into the MCU.

Fox is still zigging where others are zagging, and it hits back at a wholesome, good-natured idea — the franchises, like “Star Wars,” have a level of magic she doesn’t want to go away.

If she appeared in “Star Wars,” Fox’s comment shows she would be worried about her performance. She would wonder what could have gone differently. If she had a negative experience on set, she would only think about that. Watching a “Star Wars” film wouldn’t be watching a “Star Wars” film. She would be watching a day in the office told on screen.

And she would have a peek behind the curtain. She would know about all the meetings and outtakes and reedits and fixes and changes and updates that go into a “Star Wars” film. So then, moving forward, any franchise project she sees could be tainted with knowing what really happened behind the scenes.

What happens when the magic is lost

This extends beyond actors and actresses. Whenever we know more about what happens behind the scenes, the magic is lost. When we know how a business operates, the magic of how the quality product is made is eliminated. This is why Disney operates so well with its theme parks. Disney wants to keep you in the theme park and make it so you never lose the magic. They want your Disney experience to be full Disney.

For Fox, she wants to keep the “Star Wars” magic. She doesn’t want to lose the childhood magic that “Star Wars” produced for her. She doesn’t want to lose the star-stricken excitement that a galaxy far, far away gave her. It’s like when you’re an adult and you meet the actor who played your favorite superhero when you were a child. The vibe is different. You know them differently. You see them in a different light. The magic is gone and tainted.

And there’s a lesson in that for all of us. Don’t lose the magic. You don’t always want to know everything about everything. Sometimes holding onto our childhood memories and nostalgia is a good thing. It keeps the magic alive. It keeps the light of excitement burning.

It’s what keeps us searching for that new hope.