The Atlantic’s Spencer Kornhaber recently argued that “The Mandalorian” might be the only saving grace for the “Star Wars” franchise while under the Disney banner.

Kornhaber suggests that “Star Wars” was never about stories. It was about feeling, realism and the characters. Storylines and plot threads never mattered.

  • “The ‘Star Wars’ franchise offers action and escapism, but reenchanting our own world was always its greatest trick. ... ‘Star Wars’ immerses you in the awesome knowledge that peripheral things — the neighbors you don’t understand, the buildings you don’t notice — have their own sagas,” Kornhaber wrote.

He also said that “Star Wars,” as a franchise, works best when fans get to fill in the plot holes and the gaps with their own stories. Not having answers is sometimes the best strategy for the galaxy far, far away. George Lucas didn’t necessarily focus on story as a creator.

  • “Many a mediocre ‘Star Wars’ product has arisen from trying to define every entry in the galactic glossary. The original films work precisely because of the holes,” he wrote.

However, he said “The Mandalorian” might be the saving grace. The show is an open-ended episodic project that is similar to the “Star Wars” of old. Now, there are even more “Star Wars” shows on the way, which could change that. But for the most part, Disney should stick to “The Mandalorian” model, he said.

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