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Why Lego blamed Darth Vader for this ‘Star Wars’ fan’s missing pieces

A ‘Star Wars’ fan lost some Legos. Here’s what Lego said in response

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“Star Wars” and Lego have a solid connection to each other.

A scene from ‘The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special.”

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John is a Lego fan. He’s also a “Star Wars” fan.

So when he saw the Mos Eisley Cantina set at Target, he knew he had to own it. It’s apparently a rare set. So he bought it for $350.

Four hundred pages of instructions? All his.

Three thousand Lego pieces? All his.

Well, maybe not exactly 3,000 pieces. It turns out the set was missing a bag of pieces. So John reached out to Lego to find out what happened to the bag.

According to Inc, Lego had a pretty remarkable response to the scenario, tying directly into “Star Wars.”

Dear John,

Thanks for getting in touch with us and providing that information! I am so sorry that you are missing bag 14 from your Mos Eisley Cantina! This must be the work of Lord Vader.

Fear not, for I have hired Han to get that bag right out to you.

Have a bricktastic day and may the force be with you.

Obviously, this is a big win by Lego. It’s one thing to return your customer’s missing pieces. It’s an entirely different thing to respond to them with a “Star Wars” message and hit up Han Solo for some help.