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Introducing ‘Quordle’ — a Wordle spinoff

This word game makes you guess four words at the same time

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Photo of the Wordle game website.

Photo of the Wordle game website. A new spinoff of Wordle, called Quordle, is gaining popularity.

Screenshot, powerlanguage.co.uk/wordle

Wordle may have some serious competition because a new word game is in town.

Meet Quordle, a spinoff version of Wordle, that has proved to be even more challenging.

What are the rules of Quordle?

The principles mostly remain the same — a player guesses five-letter words each day. If the guessed letter is in the right position, the square turns green. If the letter is in the word but just not in the right position, the square turns yellow. If it turns gray, then no luck!

Using these rules, Quordle requires players to guess four five-letter words in order to win. The game also gives you nine guesses, compared to the six in Wordle. Each guess will appear in four fields at the same time, according to Woman and Home.

The game is a bit complicated, which is why the “Practice” button comes in handy, allowing you to play multiple games. Once you’re confident enough, you can try guessing the words of the day.

Where can I play Quordle?

The word game is free to access at Quordle.com.

What are the origins of Quordle?

A group of Wordle fans liked Dordle, another Wordle spinoff where players guess two five-letter words. According to the website, this group rarely failed to guess the two words.

Engineer David Mah, “in a moment of evil and genius,” created the first prototype for Quordle.

Freddie Meyer, the creator of the game, said: “It was truly horrific code (it even had two keyboards) but I knew that I had to continue this madness. With hindsight, he really baited me into finishing his monstrous creation.”

The game now has over 500,000 daily players.