While Glenn Beck might be best known as a conservative political commentator, he’s also an artist. In fact, he sells numerous pieces of art online. His paintings do not come cheap — one of his Western paintings is listed online for the price of $47,500. All proceeds from his paintings go to Mercury One, a nonprofit that works to provide humanitarian aid and education.

Not only does Beck sell his art, but his paintings are currently on display at a gallery in Park City, Utah.

The show runs through June 12 at Park City Fine Art. This gallery concentrates on showcasing contemporary Western artwork. Beck will be holding an artist reception on June 10 and 11, according to Park City Fine Art’s website.

His current collection is called “Heroes, Myths and Legends.” Included are former American presidents like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, alongside influential figures such as Jackie Robinson.

Beck primarily produces Americana and Western art. He says his foremost artistic inspiration is the late filmmaker Orson Welles, but he also is inspired by the photographer George Lange.

According to Park City Fine Art’s website, “His personal art collection includes Winslow Homer, Jeremy Lipking, John Moyers, Thomas Blackshear, Dennis Ziemienski, Harry Jackson, some of America’s earliest illustrative artists and Arnold Freiburg.”

This is not the first time Beck has participated in an art show. In July 2021, he hosted an art show called “American Heroes,” featuring paintings of Jesse Owens, Lou Gehrig, Jackie Robinson, Amelia Earhart and other figures.

Beck’s talk show is heard on more than 300 ratio stations. Tickets to his art show can be reserved by following instructions at the Park City Fine Art website.