Prince Harry’s attempts to control the narrative surrounding his departure from the royal family have not earned him much understanding from the public. In fact, his months of uninterrupted domination over the headlines has led to negative feedback from the media.

Last week, “Jimmy Kimmel Live” staged a reenactment of Harry and his brother, Prince William, arguing in the kitchen and called it “Two Princes.” The skit mocked the widely-reported fight between the brothers.

Critics slammed “Harry & Meghan” for re-telling the same story we heard during the 2021 “Oprah” interview. And while Meghan Markle has remained relatively quiet since, Harry is not done dishing on his upbringing in the royal family.

Harry’s Netflix documentary was reportedly worth $100 million. According to the New York Post, publishers paid Harry at least $20 million for his memoir, “Spare.” But it seems like Harry might be in search of a little more than money.

Amid the release of “Spare” Harry has appeared on “60 Minutes” and ITV to discuss the book’s release — and took it as another opportunity to defend his controversial past.

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Regardless of Harry’s intentions, it seems like fans are not happy with him — at least not many. Here is the good, the bad and the ugly of what people are saying about Harry.

The good: Not everyone has turned against the prince. Some people are sympathetic to what he has shared and believe he is the real victim in his story.

The bad: Some fans believe Harry should be held responsible for his decision to leave the royal family.

The ugly: Others have fully turned against the prince — one of his biggest critics, Piers Morgan, called the prince “pathetic.”