“There’s a Neverland waiting for you where all your happy dreams come true. Every dream that you dream will come true,” as the lyrics to “You Can Fly” go. Soon viewers will be transported (or rather, flown) back into the world of Neverland where you never have to grow up.

The anticipated film “Peter Pan & Wendy” had its second official trailer released on Monday.

After delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the trailer takes the viewer inside the magical world of Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Captain Hook and Wendy. It’s directed by David Lowery, who has made a name for himself directing fantasy films like “The Green Knight” and “Pete’s Dragon,” per IMDb. Both these films were celebrated for their magical effects.

Jude Law might be the next Captain Hook in Disney’s new live-action ‘Peter Pan’

“Peter Pan & Wendy” follows Wendy Darling, who doesn’t want to leave her childhood home. She goes on an adventure with her brothers when Peter Pan takes them to Neverland and they encounter the villainous pirate Captain Hook.

The cast includes Jude Law as Captain Hook, Alexander Molony as Peter Pan, Ever Gabo Anderson as Wendy, Yara Shahdi as Tinker Bell and Alyssa Wapanatâhk as Tiger Lily.

Disney+ released the trailer on YouTube on Monday.

The trailer opens with Wendy saying, “I don’t want to grow up. I want things to stay the way they are,” with a montage of clips from the film. Tinker Bell flies into Wendy’s room and then Peter Pan is introduced.

“No rules, no schools, no bedtimes,” says Peter Pan about Neverland. Captain Hook and Peter Pan square off in the trailer (and Peter Pan makes a joke about Captain Hook’s old age). The trailer concludes with Wendy consoling Peter Pan as she says, “To grow up might just be the biggest adventure of all.”

The lighting throughout the trailer is dim with a soft glow illuminating the subjects at varying times. The glow is almost ethereal with a hazy fog from the waters. In contrast to the soft lighting and shots, the music is sharp and dramatic. It feels reminiscent of Lowery’s previous movies that employed a similar type of soft, dark and hazy aesthetic.

Inspiration behind ‘Peter Pan & Wendy’

“Peter Pan & Wendy” shares the name of J. M. Barrie’s 1911 novel “Peter Pan and Wendy,” which inspired the 1953 animated film “Peter Pan.” Disney adapted Barrie’s novel into an animated film.

In the description of the new trailer, Walt Disney Studios said both Barrie’s novel and the 1953 animated film were inspirations for the new film.

What’s ‘Peter Pan & Wendy’ rated?

“Peter Pan & Wendy” is rated PG for “violence, peril and thematic elements.”

When will ‘Peter Pan & Wendy’ be released?

On April 28, “Peter Pan & Wendy” will be available for streaming on Disney+.

How to watch ‘Peter Pan & Wendy’

“Peter Pan & Wendy” will be available for streaming on Disney+.

‘Aristocats,’ ‘Cinderella’ and more — a look into Disney remakes

When does Peter Pan enter the public domain?

December 2023. According to the Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity, “Although the novel Peter Pan (also known as Peter and Wendy) is in the public domain in the US, the play (and stage adaptations) is in copyright there until December 2023.”

But this doesn’t mean Disney’s version of Peter Pan is out of copyright yet. Peter Pan is trademarked by Disney, which means any adaption of the Peter Pan play would have to steer clear of Disney’s reimagining. When copyright, trademark and Disney characters meet, it can get a little complicated.

What Disney live-action remakes are in the works?

There’s quite a few. When “Moana” was announced, it felt just like yesterday the 2016 film came out. The Week gave a list of the live-action remakes that have been in the works — here’s what they are.

  • “Peter Pan & Wendy.”
  • “The Little Mermaid.”
  • “Snow White.”
  • “Moana.”
  • “Lilo and Stitch.”
  • “Hercules.”
  • “The Aristocats.”
  • Maybe an “Aladdin” sequel.
  • Maybe “Jungle Book 2.”
  • “Cruella 2.”
  • “Robin Hood.”
  • “Bambi.”
  • “The Sword in the Stone.”
  • “Hunchback.”