Chris Pratt is opening up about fatherhood and his belief that people should “rush” to have children.

In a new interview with Men’s Journal, the “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Parks and Recreation” star shared how becoming a father has made him a better actor, why people shouldn’t wait to have children and parenting advice he received from Adam Sandler.

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Chris Pratt on fatherhood, having kids

Becoming a father has altered Pratt’s outlook on life.

“The things you normally take for granted in life are new,” Pratt told Men’s Journal. “As they grow up, it becomes more about connecting with them as individuals and what makes them unique. The softness of their hearts. How their minds work. How they’re the same as you. How they’re different.”

The 43-year-old Marvel actor has three kids: Jack Pratt, 10; Lyla Maria Schwarzenegger Pratt, 2; and Eloise Christina Schwarzenegger Pratt, 1. As he’s grown with them, he’s come to believe in the importance of having children early on.

“People say all the time, ‘Don’t rush to have kids,’” Pratt told Men’s Journal. “I personally disagree. Rush. Have them. Of course, make sure you find a great partner, but don’t wait.

“I was talking to Adam Sandler a while back and he said, ‘Every day you wait is a day they don’t get to have you in their life,’” Pratt continued. “The younger you have kids, the more time they get to have with you. It’s wild. Having kids is incredible.”

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Pratt also said fatherhood has motivated him to stay healthy so he can be “present” for his kids.

“I can’t afford to be a guy who’s out until midnight. Katherine and I are in bed, head on the pillow, lights out at 9 p.m. Best case scenario, we’re going to be up at 5 in the morning. That’s just the reality of the responsibilities of being a parent,” Pratt told Men’s Journal.

“Being present is important, and I don’t want to be stumbling around bleary-eyed,” he continued. “Now, if I could just stop eating the food off their plates when they’re done, I’d be golden.”

Chris Pratt says being a father has ‘100%’ made him a better actor

Pratt also told Men’s Journal that becoming a father has “undeniably, 100%” made him a more versatile actor.

“It’s a very powerful tool. That level of responsibility opens up a whole new cavern of emotional potential,” the actor said. “For me, having kids is what it’s all about, and how it’s benefited me as an actor is a pleasant byproduct.”

Fatherhood has also impacted the types of movies Pratt wants to star in — the actor said he wants to do more PG movies.

“I see a lot because my kids want to watch them, and to be honest, some of them are bad,” Pratt told Men’s Journal. “And I’m sitting there thinking, ‘This is terrible.’ So at the same time as wanting to make movies that would entertain my kids, I’m also thinking about creating movies that are merciful on the parents.”

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Chris Pratt defends his religious beliefs

Pratt has a history of being outspoken about his faith, which has sometimes led to criticism, the Deseret News previously reported. During a recent interview with Page Six, Pratt acknowledged that criticism.

“That’s nothing new, that’s nothing new, you know?” Pratt told Page Six. “If I was of this world, they would love me just like that but as it is, I’ve chosen out of this world. That’s John 15:18 through 20.

“That’s the way it is, nothing new, 2,000 years ago they hated him, too,” he added, referencing Jesus Christ.