Friday’s episode of “20/20″ features the disappearance and murder of Brittanee Drexel — a high school student who suddenly went missing in 2009, leading to an over decadelong cold case.

Per the show’s promo posted to X, the episode “Into the Darkness” features interviews from Drexel’s family members outlining their search for her, as well as from friends who traveled with her for spring break — when she went missing.

Events leading up to the incident

According to People, Drexel was a 17-year-old New York soccer star “who dreamed of becoming a nurse or cosmetologist.” On April 22, 2009, she traveled for spring break with a group of older friends to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina — unbeknownst to her stepfather, Chad Drexel, and her mother, Dawn Pleckan.

“I didn’t know she was going,” Pleckan said to People. “The day she left she was angry with me because she asked me if she could go and I told her no. I said, ‘There’s no adults going, and I have no idea who these kids are and I don’t feel comfortable with it.’”

Three days later, Drexel reportedly left her hotel alone to visit a friend — and she was never seen again.

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The initial investigation

After Drexel’s partner, John Grieco, couldn’t get a hold of her — since they had been texting back and forth that day — he alerted Pleckan about the situation, and Pleckan became livid.

“All I knew was I had to find my daughter,” she said to Oxygen.

Pleckan drove to Myrtle Beach to prompt authorities about the investigation, but with little evidence, there wasn’t much they could do. One suspect brought in led to another, yet everyone had an alibi — including Drexel’s friends, per Oxygen.

ABC News shared that investigators were able to track Drexel’s phone in a “rural, swampy area” 50 miles south of her hotel, yet nothing was found.

“I knew she was somewhere out there, but you know just thinking, ‘Oh my God. Are we ever going to find her?’” Pleckan shared to ABC News.

The initial investigation of Raymond Moody

According to Oxygen, in August 2011, a daughter of Raymond Moody — a registered sex offender — made a tip alleging he was involved in Drexel’s case due to statements made by his partner, Angel Vause. However, investigators initially could not find any evidence tying Moody to the case.

Despite this, a search at a nearby motel in Georgetown found Moody had stayed there during Drexel’s disappearance; and the day after she went missing, he was pulled over by local police lieutenant Chuck Capp, who allegedly saw Moody with scratches on his face, ABC News reported.

With no leads, Drexel’s case went cold. Even though a prison inmate in 2016 claimed to have been involved with her disappearance, it was later revealed to be a lie, per Oxygen.

What actually happened to Brittanee Drexel?

Finally, in May 2022, Moody made a confession to state authorities of his involvement with Drexel’s case.

According to Oxygen, he claimed he saw her walk out of the hotel and pulled over, asking if she wanted to smoke marijuana. She agreed and went with him and Vause to a campsite in Georgetown county. After Vause left, Moody sexually assaulted and later strangled Drexel to death.

Soon after, Moody was arrested and showed authorities where he buried Drexel, per People. Later that year, he was convicted of the charges and was sentenced to life in prison.

Reported NBC News 10, Chad Drexel remarked, “I’ll never be able to walk Brittanee down the aisle and neither will her blood father or Dawn.”

He added, “She’ll never be able to see my granddaughter, her niece who is amazing, all that’s snatched away from us.”

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