Hallmark renewed its hit television series “The Way Home” for the third season, coming in 2025.

“Once again, our cast, writers and entire crew have used their impressive talents to create a story that is just as compelling and addictive as the first season,” Lisa Hamilton Daly, executive vice president of programming for Hallmark Media, said in a statement, per TV Line. “We’re grateful to the fans who are so passionate about the series and can’t wait for them to see what – and when – is ahead for Season 3.”

Just two episode remain in the second season of the series, which follows three generations of strong-willed women: Kat Landry (Chyler Leigh), her mother Del (Andie MacDowell) and Kat’s daughter Alice (Sadie Laflamme-Snow). Two decades ago, a life-altering event prompted Kat to relocate from her small hometown — straining her relationship with her mother, Del, per Hallmark.

When Kat and Alice find themselves back home, Kat’s reunion with her mother is not what she anticipated. But strange circumstances allow Kate and Alice to travel back in time, providing them with the opportunity to try and rewrite history.

Season 2 picks up right where the first season left off. Kat and Alice continue to uncover deeper mysteries about the past as Kat works tirelessly to bring Jacob home.

“Heather Conkie, Alexandra Clarke and Marly Reed continue to blow us away with the cleverly crafted story they’ve created and careful thought they put into every single detail. While some questions will be answered by the end of this season, the Landrys’ journey is far from over and there’s much more to tell,” said Kelly Garrett, Hallmark Media VP of development, per TV Line.

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‘The Way Home’ Season 2

The sophomore season of “The Way Home” resumes following three generations of Landry women living together in Port Haven, a small farming community. There are just two episodes left in Season 2.

“Season 2 starts where the shocking season one finale left off and put viewers on the edge of their seats — with Kat exclaiming to Del that she knows what happened to Jacob. As Kat continues her quest to find Jacob and bring him home, mother and daughter uncover unexpected revelations about their origins that bring answers to some questions while new ones are raised,” per the Hallmark network.

New episodes of “The Way Home” premiere on the Hallmark Channel every Sunday at 7 p.m. MDT. The second season runs through March 2024.

Season 2, Episode 9 — “Here Without You” — premieres on the Hallmark Channel on Sunday, March 24 at 7 p.m. MDT. The official log line for the episode reads: “All three Landry women feel the absence of a key ally in their lives as they struggle to make life-altering decisions and choices.”

Watch the preview for the upcoming episode of “The Way Home” below.