In a burgeoning era of faith-centered movies and television, Great American Family — fronted by Candace Cameron Bure — is dedicated to providing family-friendly content, rooted in faith.

“I think it’s harder and harder to find clean, quality, family entertainment on TV these days,” Laura Osnes, who stars in one of Great American Family’s latest releases, “Just in Time,” told the Deseret News.

Osnes values Great American Family’s “family-friendly content.” Audiences can rely on the network because they “don’t have to worry about what they’re going to see or concerned (about) what their children might be exposed to,” Osnes said.

“I love it that Great American Family offers that. You can trust its network, you can trust it with your entire family.”

‘Just in Time’ is a faith-centered story about hope and redemption

Osnes, a two-time Tony Award nominee, was drawn to “Just in Time” for its “faith-forward message.” She lauded the film for tackling “real-life difficult issues” and sharing “a very hopeful message” and “a very redemptive story.”

Laura Osnes and Greyston Holt in "Just in Time" from Great American Family.
Laura Osnes and Greyston Holt in "Just in Time" from Great American Family. | Great American Family

“Just in Time” follows Hannah, a young married woman suffering from infertility — a struggle that takes over her livelihood and threatens to devastate her marriage. In a moment of desperation, Hannah turns to her long-abandoned faith for support. Her call to God sends her on a journey of self-discovery and healing.

Osnes hopes audiences will be “moved and touched” by her character’s relatable struggles “whether you’re a person of faith or not.”

“Everybody has their own faith journey,” she added. “I love that I was able to bring my own faith journey into Hannah’s character.”

“Not to say life’s gonna be easy the minute we find faith or invite God into our life but there’s a peace. There’s a peace through the roller coaster that life brings when we have a firm foundation that we can set our lives upon,” Osnes said.

Laura Osnes and Peter Bryant in "Just in Time" from Great American Family.
Laura Osnes and Peter Bryant in "Just in Time" from Great American Family. | Great American Famil

“So I hope people are either encouraged or inspired by watching the movie, or they’re challenged.”

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Osnes says Candace Cameron Bure is ‘grounded and kind’

A handful of years ago, Osnes made the transition from Broadway to the TV and film industry. Even after two Tony noms and a lifetime of musical theater experience, she still feels “less experienced” in film acting.

She has starred in several Hallmark and Great American Family movies, but this was her first time working closely with Candace Cameron Bure, executive producer of “Just in Time” and a former Hallmark regular who left the network in 2022 over a clash in beliefs.

Speaking of her work with Hallmark and Great American Family, Osnes said, “I have really enjoyed working for both networks.”

“I loved getting to work with Candace on this project, we’ve been acquaintances from afar for the last couple years.”

According to Osnes, Bure was “so present on set.”

“She was there every day on set and making herself very accessible and approachable. She is so kind and unassuming and yet has such expertise,” Osnes said. “She’s been doing this her whole life. Her wisdom and her knowledge about the entire genre and in filmmaking and in acting and in producing, she just does it all.”

Osnes continued, “I am so in awe of her entire brand that she’s created and built and the influence that she has. And yet, to be so grounded and kind, it’s really astounding. I loved getting to work with her. I hope we get to do many more things.”

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When and where can I watch ‘Just in Time’?

“Just in Time” aired on Great American Family twice over the week of Easter. On Friday, April 12, the film will be available to stream through Great American Pure Flix, the network’s streaming platform.