Ellen DeGeneres is making a return to stand-up comedy in an upcoming Netflix special.

According to DeGeneres, the comedy special, which is expected to land on Netflix sometime this year, is her “last special,” per CNN.

She’s pairing the special with a multi-city stand-up tour — “Ellen’s Last Stand...Up Tour” — which kicked off in Los Angeles in April.

“To answer the questions everyone is asking me — Yes, I’m going to talk about it. Yes, this is my last special. Yes, Portia really is that pretty in real life,” DeGeneres said in a statement, per Variety.

“The Ellen DeGeneres” show ended in 2022 after 19 seasons, amid debates over whether the comedian had created a toxic workplace environment.

The allegations against DeGeneres and top producers were laid out in a 2020 BuzzFeed News report, which gathered claims from an internal investigation from WarnerMedia.

‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ has come to an end after 19 seasons

In September 2020, DeGeneres issued a public apology.

“As you may have heard this summer, there were allegations of a toxic work environment at our show and then there was an investigation. I learned that things happen here that never should have happened. I take that very seriously. And I want to say, I am so sorry to the people who were affected. I know that I’m in a position of privilege and power. And I realized that with that comes responsibility, and I take responsibility for what happens at my show,” she said.

“The truth is, I am that person that you see on TV,” she continued. “I am also a lot of other things. Sometimes I get sad, I get mad, I get anxious, I get frustrated, I get impatient. And I am working on all of that. I am a work in progress.”

What happened to Ellen? Is she canceled?

In March 2020, comedian Kevin Porter send out a tweet asking his followers to share “the most insane stories you’ve heard about Ellen (DeGeneres) being mean.” The tweet generated more than 2,500 responses, a large portion of which were accusations of toxic behavior.

The following month, Variety published a report that crew members on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” were “distressed and outraged” over treatment from top producers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Crew members felt they were not given adequate information on job and pay changes during the pandemic, the article said. They also described DeGeneres’ treatment towards others as “demeaning.”

In July 2020, BuzzFeed News released its in-depth report. DeGeneres issued multiple apologies, both on and off her show.

But “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” lost more than 1 million viewers from September 2020 to March 2021 — a 43% decline in viewership, per The New York Times.

Since the end of her talk show, DeGeneres has kept a relatively low profile. Outside of a short-lived YouTube stint, the comedian seemed unofficially retired. She rejects claims she was canceled.

During a 2021 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Ellen said the allegations “almost impacted the show” but were not the reason she was “quitting the show.”

“If I was quitting the show because of (the allegations), I wouldn’t have come back this season. So, it’s not why I’m stopping,” she said.

“I care tremendously. It broke my heart when I learned that people here had anything other than a fantastic experience — that people were hurt in any way,” she added. “I just want people to trust and know that I am who I appear to be.”

Ellen DeGeneres makes final comeback

DeGeneres kicked off her new tour in Los Angeles in April and poked fun at the accusations that led to her fall from grace.

“I used to say that I didn’t care what other people thought of me, and I realized … I said that at the height of my popularity,” DeGeneres said as her opener, per The Cut.

“Oh yeah, I got kicked out of show business. There’s no mean people in show business,” she said.

“The ‘be kind’ girl wasn’t kind,” she continued. “It’s been such a toll on my ego and my self-esteem.”

“There’s such extremes in this business; people either love you and idolize you or they hate you, and those people somehow are louder.”