Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Episode 1 of “Loki.”

“Loki” doesn’t shy away from exploring aspects of faith, raising questions about belief systems right out of the gate.

See, in the show, Loki finds himself trapped by the Time Variance Authority, who controls the proper flow of time. The TVA was established by the Time Keepers, a group of ancient creatures who created a single timeline that the universe should be based around.

And the Time Keepers — in a way — resemble our own belief systems in modern America, said “Loki” director Kate Herron in an interview with Deseret News.

“In our world, we have different religions and what we follow. To the TVA, (the Time Keepers) are like gods to them. They control the proper flow of time. I think that I would say there’s a faith aspect to that. They’re the big boss — of the whole place,” she said.

Herron said the entire TVA believes that Time Keepers have created the timeline, which is why they are honored like gods and deities, she said. Suspicion surely arises from Loki, who is skeptical of their existence.

“I think it’s just based on the reality that the TVA is within. So yeah, I would definitely, definitely say they have a God-like quality to them for sure,” she said.

She said there will be more to come with the Time Keepers and their role with the TVA. However, there wasn’t much she could say.

“Definitely as the show goes on, we set up the TVA. But we definitely go into the TVA and the Time Keepers,” she said, adding that’s all she could say for now about the show.