Andrew Gentry, currently a Latter-day Saint missionary in Utah and major college football recruit, was featured in an in-depth article by The Wolverine magazine this week.

Why it matters: Andrew Gentry is in the final months of his Spanish-speaking mission in Orem, Utah, for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

  • Gentry is also 6-foot-8, 300-pound lineman from Littleton, Colorado. He originally signed to play at Virginia before his mission but changed his mind when former head coach Bronco Mendenhall resigned in December.
  • A short time later, Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh met with Elder Gentry in Utah and the missionary/football recruit signed to play for the Wolverines.
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The Wolverine Magazine piece: In the article, writer E.J. Holland describes the various settings of mission life for Gentry and his companion experienced over 48 hours.

  • The story opens with a look at limited missionary exercise time. “Right now, I’m not too concerned about it,” Gentry said about his physical conditioning. “I’m not where I was before, and that’s OK. If I serve and dedicate everything I have here, the Lord is going to bless me when I return.”
  • The article describes Gentry’s labors among the Latino and Hispanic communities in Orem. He was originally called to labor in Mexico but was reassigned to Utah due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He was later offered the chance to serve in Argentina but declined.
  • Gentry’s older brother, JT, is an offensive lineman at BYU.
  • Gentry had lunch with former BYU offensive lineman Eli Herring, who gave the future college lineman advice. “Something he said that I plan to apply is that on a mission, you learn to do things with the help of the Lord on your side,” Gentry said in the article. “Before the mission, I relied a lot on myself. On the mission, we pray before everything we do. We know there is some heavenly help. What’s important to us is important to God.”
  • Gentry is serving in a leadership role within his mission as assistant to the president. His mission president describes him as a “great leader.”

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