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High school boys/girls basketball: Wednesday night roundup

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Cottonwood and Hillcrest compete in a boys basketball game at Cottonwood High in Murray on Wednesday, Feb. 7, 2024.

Laura Seitz, Deseret News

Boys Basketball

Region 5

Woods Cross 54, Viewmont 42

Woods Cross claimed a 54-42 victory over Viewmont, marking its sixth win this season against 15 losses, as the Vikings sank to 7-14. The Wildcats’ offense was guided by Hunter Jackson with 13 points, Hayden Poulton with 12 points including two 3-pointers, and Ben Smith-Mecham netting 10 points and one 3-pointer. On the Vikings’ end, Kade Cannon led the team with nine points, including hitting three 3-pointers, backed by a strong performance from Drez Jensen with eight points as well as seven rebounds. A strong fourth-quarter rush by Woods Cross widened their lead and ensured a swift victory.

Bountiful 74, Bonneville 54

Bountiful defeated Bonneville decisively 74-54, elevating the Redhawks’ record to 16-5 and pushing the Lakers down to 7-14. Charlie Smith, with a commanding performance of 28 points, six of those from beyond the arc, eight rebounds, and five assists, led Bountiful. Carson Smith supported with 20 points, including one 3-pointer and six rebounds. Bonneville’s Hayden Ashbridge put up 19 points, highlighted by five 3-pointers, while Jaxon Johnson contributed 15 points including three 3-pointers. Despite Ashbridge and Johnson’s efforts, the Lakers couldn’t overcome Bountiful’s consistent offensive performance.

Northridge 55, Box Elder 48

Northridge bested Box Elder 55-48, raising its record to 10-11 as the Bees receded to 7-14. Logan Birt led the Knights with 23 points, including five 3-pointers, closely followed by Bentley Whitear and Josh Kitchen who chipped in 13 and 11 points respectively, each making at least one 3-pointer. Box Elder’s Elijah Kersey stood out with 23 points, eight rebounds, two assists, and two steals but his efforts weren’t enough to prevent the defeat. The Knights found their rhythm in the fourth quarter, totaling 22 points and staving off a comeback from the Bees.

Roy 65, Clearfield 53

Roy secured a 65-53 victory over Clearfield, which balances the Royals’ record at 11-10 and leaves the Falcons trailing at 6-15. Dahlen Pontius paced the Royals with 16 points, with Colby Frokjer adding 15 points, including four 3-pointers, as well as eight rebounds. Bronson Belnap matched Frokjer’s point tally, and contributed three rebounds and six steals. The Falcons’ scoring was fairly distributed with Peyton Kotter, Davis Woll, and Trace Hansen putting up 12, 11, and 10 points respectively—Hansen sinking two 3-pointers. Despite a strong third-quarter surge from Clearfield, the Falcons were subdued by the Royals’ 22-points finishing salvo.

Region 9

Desert Hills 70, Crimson Cliffs 61

Desert Hills claimed a 70-61 victory over Crimson Cliffs, advancing the Thunder’s record to 14-8 while the Mustangs’ balance evened out at 10-10. Eli Allred led Desert Hills with an impressive 30 points, including three 3-pointers, while Jackson Holman and Ben Chase scored 13 and 10 points respectively. Crimson Cliffs were paced by Sean Felts who scored 22 points, and Steele Barben who added 20 points, including five 3-pointers. A tenacious offensive output by the Thunder in the fourth quarter ensured their continued lead and eventual victory.

Snow Canyon 58, Cedar City 49

Snow Canyon defeated Cedar City 58-49, collecting its 14th win of the season against six losses, while the Reds fell to 4-18. Owen Mackay led the Warriors with 20 points, made a 3-pointer, secured eight rebounds, and executed five assists. He got substantial help from Trey Kelch who contributed 15 points, making three 3-pointers. Damon Ence also added 10 points. Cedar City’s efforts were spearheaded by Landon Kreitzer with 17 points and two 3-pointers, followed by Tate Stubbs who scored 11 points with a one 3-pointer. Even a strong fourth-quarter performance from Cedar couldn’t bridge the Warriors’ lead.

Region 10

Cottonwood 59, Hillcrest 51

With NFL star Zach Wilson reportedly in attendance, Cottonwood defeated Hillcrest 59-51, which pushed the Colts up to 17-5 and sent the Huskies down to 9-13. Cottonwood’s Peter Ouguama led with 19 points, followed by John Rosevear and Chris Cox who both added 11 points, with Cox draining a 3-pointer. On the Huskies’ side, Damani Wilkerson delivered 16 points, including two 3-pointers, and teammates Zach Tanner and Isaac Miller contributed 11 points each, both hitting at least one 3-pointer. Cottonwood’s impressive third and fourth quarters helped their steady pull-ahead to overtake Hillcrest.

Murray 75, Tooele 73

In a close contest, Murray edged Tooele 75-73 to push their record to 15-6, while Tooele fell to 4-17. Quinton Christman spearheaded the Spartans’ efforts with a game-high score of 25 points, including six 3-pointers. Isaiah Beh added a productive 18 points, with Deacon Poole chipping in with 13 points. Ethan Rogers carried the most weight for the Buffaloes, dropping 32 points, with Dillon Polson supporting with 19 points, of which four were 3-pointers. Even with an impressive scoring run in the fourth quarter, Tooele fell short in overcoming Murray’s performance.

Region 11

Ridgeline 69, Bear River 63

Ridgeline outlasted Bear River 69-63 after overtime, escalating the Riverhawks’ record to 16-5 and moving the Bears to 13-7. Carson Cox headed the charge for the Riverhawks with 24 points, sinking two 3-pointers. Khyson Buchmiller also played a significant role with 18 points, including three 3-pointers, and Jagger Francom contributed 13 points. For the Bears, Bridger Barfuss dropped in 20 points, Gehrig Marble added 17, and Kyver Jensen supported with 13 points. Despite a strong start, Bear River wasn’t able to sustain their momentum into overtime, succumbing to Ridgeline’s offense.

Logan 57, Sky View 45

Logan edged out Sky View and defeated them 57-45.. For Logan, Jordan Child made a notable impact with 20 points. Teammates Jalen Argyle and Nate De Morgan were also on their A-game, scoring nine points each, with De Morgan contributing three 3-pointers. Sky View was led by Liam Guthrie, putting up 18 points and three 3-pointers.

Green Canyon 61, Mountain Crest 49

Green Canyon triumphed over Mountain Crest with a 61-49 victory, improving the Wolves’ record to 16-5 while the Mustangs fell to 12-8. Layker Ward and Jared Anderson both led Green Canyon’s offense with 14 points each, with Ward nailing three from beyond the arc. Jackson Penigar also added 10 points to the tally. For Mountain Crest, Joseph Hunsaker and Joshua Arnell pushed the attack, each nailing 16 points, with Hunsaker contributing four 3-pointers. Despite a strong fourth quarter performance, the Mustangs weren’t able to overcome the lead held by the Wolves.

Region 12

Emery 69, Carbon 44

With a strong offensive push, Emery earned a 69-44 victory over Carbon. For Emery, Luke Justice and Zack Tuttle made significant impact both scoring 15 points, with Tuttle putting up five 3-pointers as well. Despite the loss, Carbon saw encouraging performances from Zeke Willson, who scored a team-high 11 points and hit three 3-pointers, and Kahner Raby and Maddux Wilson, who contributed nine and seven points, respectively.

Richfield 67, Juab 53

Richfield overcame Juab with a 67-53 victory. Gavin Kirschner, Gage Yardley, and Jorgen Southwick led Richfield’s offensive charge, scoring 11, nine, and nine points respectively. Despite the loss, Juab’s Austin Park scored a team-high 18 points, followed by Braxton Hooper and Kanyon Mattinson with 10 and eight points, respectively.

Canyon View 51, Delta 44

Pulling away in the second half, Canyon View notched a 51-44 win over Delta. Jace Farrow shined for Canyon View, scoring 20 points including three 3-pointers. Additional contributions from Carson Miles and Asher Slack, who recorded 12 and 11 points respectively, helped secure the win. For Delta, Cai Henderson stood out by scoring a game-high 23 points, including four 3-pointers, while Bronco Bundy pitched in nine points, hitting two 3-pointers.

Manti 75, North Sanpete 65

Manti defeated North Sanpete 75-65 in a thrilling encounter that saw both teams exhibit stellar performances. Dimick Huntington led the charge for North Sanpete, scoring 26 points including three 3-pointers and adding four steals, whilst teammate Ridge Hendry contributed notably with 17 points, two 3-pointers, six assists, four steals, and a block. For Manti, Reggie Frischknecht emerged as the standout player, boasting an exceptional tally of 30 points, sinking fifteen 3-pointers, and contributing one assist and one steal.

Region 13

Ogden 66, Union 54

]Ogden outpaced Union and came away with the victory 66-54. For Ogden, Stockton Marriott was the top scorer, racking up 21 points, including one 3-pointer. Bingham Call and Nyiol Hauet each scored 13 points, with Hauet also adding two 3-pointers. On Union’s side, it was Brady Bell leading the charge with 12 points and two 3-pointers, while Stetson Duncan and Wayke Olsen showed solid performance with 11 and 9 points, respectively.

South Summit 61, Morgan 51

South Summit captured a victory over Morgan by a score of 61-51. Logan Woolstenhulme recorded 19 points for South Summit, while Bracken Lassche and Gage Mckee added significant contributions with 17 and 16 points respectively. Morgan, despite falling short, saw standout performances from Derrick Tilby who tallied 18 points including four 3-pointers, and Kolton Asay netting 11 points with three 3-pointers.

Region 14

Judge Memorial 80, Providence Hall 40

In a dominant display of basketball, Judge Memorial overcame Providence Hall with a resounding 80-40 win. For Judge Memorial, JJ Apathjang was the standout performer, scoring an impressive 38 points, including eight 3-pointers. Other notable contributors were Deng Deng with 12 points, including one 3-pointer, and Aaydan Saucedo, who contributed 11 points, with three of those being 3-pointers. On Providence Hall’s side, Ty Warnick topped the team’s scoring with 15 points.


Mount Vernon 69, Dugway 32

Mount Vernon overpowered Dugway 69-32, boosting its season record to 8-10 as the Mustangs fell to 0-11. Mount Vernon’s Andrew McMurdie spearheaded the victory with 20 points and 14 rebounds, followed by Gabe Jackson, and Joao De Oliveira, who both contributed 13 and 11 points respectively — Jackson also netting three 3-pointers. In the losing effort, Tanner Thackeray led Dugway with 12 points hitting three 3-pointers; Hazen Bullcreek added 11 points. A dominant first half saw the Patriots surge ahead with a 44-22 lead, which proved insurmountable for the Mustangs.

North Summit 62, North Sevier 57

North Summit eked out a win over North Sevier 62-57, improving its record to 16-7 while the Wolves moved to 3-18. The game saw Steele Vernon and Buck Sargent each score 18 points for the Braves, with Sargent also securing 20 rebounds and Vernon contributing two assists, three steals, and three blocks. Trevor Richins followed closely behind with 17 points. North Sevier’s Kade Johnson led his team with 14 points, while Greyson Bennett added another 13, hitting one 3-pointer. Efrain Bernardino tallied 12 points, three of them being 3-pointers. Despite a renewed offensive effort in the fourth quarter, the Wolves fell short of overcoming the Braves’ substantial lead.

Girls Basketball

Region 5

Woods Cross 45, Viewmont 35

Woods Cross overcame Viewmont with a 45-35 victory. Aubrey Mulitalo was the leading scorer for Viewmont, totalling 14 points, including one 3-pointer. Other contributors included Mara Mickelson with 8 points including two 3-pointers and Kristina Gunnell with 6 points and two 3-pointers. For Woods Cross, Mari Nichols led the scoring with 14 points, including two successful 3-point attempts.

Box Elder 60, Northridge 47

In a high-scoring basketball game, Box Elder triumphed over Northridge 60-47. For Northridge, Karlee Mayfield led the scoring with 11 points, while Izabel Kap and Kaylee Hess each scored 9 points, with Hess adding two 3-pointers to her tally. Box Elder saw a balanced scoring effort with Ashlyn Wight leading the way with 14 points. Kamri Andersen added 11, and both Kaydence Barber and Jocelyn Vranes chipped in 10 and 9 points, respectively.

Bountiful 76, Bonneville 29

Bountiful dominated Bonneville with an impressive 76-29 victory. For Bonneville, Sidnee Geerdes topped the chart with 10 points. On Bountiful’s side, Taylor Harvey and Milika Satuala were standout performers, each netting 20 points to the scoreboard, with Harvey making four 3-pointers and Satuala adding one. Adelaide Stevenson also provided a substantial input with 12 points, including two successful 3-pointers.

Clearfield 44, Roy 33

Clearfield defeated Roy with a 44-33 victory. For Roy, Nicole Williams and Ariana Strain led the efforts with 8 points each. Jazzi Prieto and Ellie Speredon also contributed to Roy’s score with 6 and 5 points respectively, each contributing a 3-pointer. On Clearfield’s side, Izzy Wyaskett was the leading scorer with 13 points, which included two 3-pointers.

Region 20

Panguitch 49, Piute 29

In the end, Panguitch overpowered Piute by a scoreline of 49-29 victory. For Panguitch, Tabetha Henrie led the scoring with 14 points. Tayt Miller provided significant support with 10 points, with Mallory Henrie and Brayli Frandsen both adding 9 points each. On Piute’s side, Kaycee Gleave was the topscorer, notching 12 points for the team. Other contributors were Kamren Gaylor and Ainsley Talbot, who added 8 points each.

Wayne 52, Bryce Valley 39

Wayne bested Bryce Valley with a 52-39 win. For Wayne, Mckayla Jones and AJ Vandyke led the scoring with 11 and 10 points respectively. Raegyn Blackburn contributed 9 points to the score, including two 3-pointers. On Bryce Valley’s side, Kinlee Brinkerhoff topped the chart with 17 points, which included three successful 3-pointers. Bradi Gates was the second highest scorer for Bryce Valley with 9 points, one of which was a 3-pointer.

Region 22

Tabiona 52, Altamont 34

In a spirited battle, Tabiona outlasted Altamont with a 52-34 win. For Altamont, M. Peck led the scoring with 11 points. Other notable contributors included McConku with 9 points and C. Rigby who added 8 points. On Tabiona’s side, Sicily Fabrizio was the leading scorer with 14 points, including two successful 3-pointers. Maycee Rhoades also added 13 points to the team’s total.