Grab your friends and family and make a trip out of the total solar eclipse. You can visit the popular attractions in each area, making sure to be safe while traveling. Here’s everything you need to know.

Where can I see the total solar eclipse in 2024?

According to NASA, the total solar eclipse is happening Monday, April 8. Their table is provided below with the locations and timing of events.

LocationPartial beginsTotality beginsMaximumTotality endsPartial ends
Dallas, Texas12:23 pm CDT1:40 pm CDT1:42 pm CDT1:44 pm CDT3:02 pm CDT
Idabel, Oklahoma12:28 pm CDT1:45 pm CDT1:47 pm CDT1:49 pm CDT3:06 pm CDT
Little Rock, Arkansas12:33 pm CDT1:51 pm CDT1:52 pm CDT1:54 pm CDT3:11 pm CDT
Poplar Bluff, Missouri12:39 pm CDT1:56 pm CDT1:56 pm CDT2:00pm CDT3:15 pm CDT
Paducah, Kentucky12:42 pm CDT2:00 pm CDT2:01 pm CDT2:02 pm CDT3:18 pm CDT
Carbondale, Illinois12:42 pm CDT1:59 pm CDT2:01 pm CDT2:03 pm CDT3:18 pm CDT
Evansville, Indiana12:45 pm CDT2:02 pm CDT2: 04 pm CDT2:05 pm CDT3:20 pm CDT
Cleveland, Ohio1:59 pm EDT3:13 pm EDT3:15 pm EDT3:17 pm EDT4:29 pm EDT
Erie, Pennsylvania2:02pm EDT3:16 pm EDT3:18 pm EDT3:20 pm EDT4:30 pm EDT
Buffalo, New York2:04 pm EDT3:18 pm EDT3:20 pm EDT3:22 pm EDT4:32 pm EDT
Burlington, Vermont2:14 pm EDT3:26 pm EDT3: 27 pm EDT3:29 pm EDT4:37 pm EDT
Lancaster, New Hampshire2:16 pm EDT3:27 pm EDT3:29 pm EDT3:30 pm EDT4:38 pm EDT
Caribou, Maine2:22 pm EDT3:32 pm EDT3:33 pm EDT3:34 pm EDT4:40 pm EDT

Key terms for the solar eclipse

Here are some key terms to know about the total solar eclipse:

  • Partial: The moon only slightly covers the sun.
  • Totality: The moon fully covers the sun, causing darkness.
  • Maximum: The moon is fully covering and directly in the middle of the sun.
A rare total solar eclipse is happening this year

Is it safe to watch a total solar eclipse?

Whether traveling hours or a few minutes to your closest viewing spot, it is important to remember safety. Before leaving on your trip, consider or bring the following:

  • Anticipate traffic – Check the state’s Department of Transportation website to see if they have information on routes and travel times, according to the Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDHS).
  • Keep your car in good shape – Have a full tank of gas, jumper cables, a spare tire, a physical map, emergency flares and an emergency kit with first aid, according to IDHS.
  • Keep yourself healthy – Bring water, medications, food and cash, per Spectrum News.
  • Prepare for weather – Bring boots and a jacket, according to Spectrum News.
  • Stay on designated trails and paths – Follow rules and respect wildlife to stay safe, per IDHS.
  • Keep your eyes protected – While viewing at the specific location bring eclipse glasses. While stuck in traffic, consider bringing sunglasses (but do not look into the sun), according to Spectrum News.

Where is the best place to see the 2024 eclipse?

If you don’t live in the path of totality, consider getting your family or a group of friends together and make a trip out of it! Just because the eclipse itself only lasts a few hours doesn’t mean you can’t stay longer.

Find activities to do for every age group in each location.

Dallas, Texas

Visit Dallas shares multiple popular attractions in Dallas.

  • Perot Museum of Nature and Science – Find exhibits, hands-on-activities and theaters that look at fossils, engineering or even sports.
  • Deep Ellum – Go to cocktail bars, concert venues and popular restaurants.
  • Dallas World Aquarium – While there are fish, the aquarium also provides visitors with the opportunity to see all wildlife up close, like penguins or flamingos.
  • Neiman Marcus – Want a great shopping experience? Find luxurious items at popular store brands such as Prada or Gucci in a nine story department store.
  • AT&T Stadium – Catch a game or concert at the Dallas Cowboys’ stadium.

Idabel, Oklahoma

Visit Trip Advisor to find some fun activities in Idabel.

Little Rock, Arkansas

Little Rock’s official website shares different attractions, events, recreational sites and more places to visit in Little Rock.

Poplar Bluff, Missouri

Go to Visit Butler County to find activities to do in Poplar Bluff.

  • Big Spring – Visit one of Missouri’s first state parks for hikes, camping and some special events.
  • Family activities – If you love mini golf, drive-in movie theaters or laser tag, Poplar Bluff is a good place to go.
  • Historical buildings and museums – Find the Poplar Bluff History Museum or the Margaret Harwell Art Museum.

Paducah, Kentucky

Paducah Convention & Visitors Bureau offers a list of things to do in Paducah.

  • Quilting – Paducah is known as Quilt City USA. Visit murals, museums and quilt shops.
  • Beacon Dragway – Find classes about racing, rent cars or time yourself racing around the track.
  • The Carson Center – Watch a Broadway production or other performances from well-known individuals at this performing arts center.
  • Bob Noble Park – Find skate parks, rails and playgrounds in this 145-acre municipal park.

Carbondale, Illinois

Explore Carbondale has different recommendations on what to do in Carbondale.

  • Arts and music – If you’re lucky, book a ticket to see the McLeod Theater or Southern Illinois Sympathy.
  • Historic Sites – Try visiting the R. Buckminster Fuller Dome Home, the African American Museum of Southern Illinois or the Old Illinois Passenger Depot Railroad Museum.

Evansville, Indiana

For things to do in Evansville, visit Explore Evansville.

Cleveland, Ohio

This is Cleveland offers suggestions on what to do in the area.

Erie, Pennsylvania

Visit Erie shares some fun activities to do in Erie.

Buffalo, New York

Visit Buffalo Niagara recommends lots of fun things to do.

Burlington, Vermont

Hello Burlington, VT shares multiple attractions in Burlington.

Lancaster, New Hampshire

The Lancaster Motels suggests different activities to do.

Caribou, Maine

The University of Maine shares los of things to do in Caribou.

Wherever you visit, make sure to be safe and have fun during this solar event.

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