July is National Ice Cream Month, so it should be no surprise that it includes National Ice Cream Day, which is celebrated on July 21, according to the National Day Calendar.

You can celebrate National Ice Cream Month and National Ice Cream Day with store-bought ice cream, by flagging down an ice cream truck or with a visit to the local ice cream parlor.

Or you could try your hand at making your own ice cream with one — or all — of the following delicious recipes.

The best grocery store ice creams, ranked

Best homemade ice cream recipes

Vanilla ice cream

Start with the basics: a sugary, creamy vanilla ice cream. Here’s a recipe from Food and Wine that makes a quart of the good stuff.

Blend up a vanilla bean, half-and-half, heavy cream, sugar and egg yolks. You’ll have to heat the concoction into a custard before chilling and eventually freezing it. You’ll also need to bust out an ice cream maker.

Chocolate ice cream

You can make this chocolate ice cream recipe as chocolatey as you like. The taste will depend on how dark the cocoa powder you use is. Mix up heavy cream, cocoa powder, semisweet chocolate chips, whole milk, sugar, eggs, vanilla and salt. Here are complete instructions from Joy Food Sunshine.

Add whatever toppings you like to make it a chocolate lover’s dream. I like brownie chunks and chocolate syrup.

Peanut butter ice cream

This recipe is a dream for the peanut butter lovers out there. Mix up peanut butter with sugar, half-and-half, vanilla, salt and toppings of your choice. I recommend Reese’s cups or chopped Oreo cookies. Here’s the recipe from Food.com.

Cookies and cream ice cream

Can’t decide between chocolate and vanilla? You don’t really have to choose with cookies and cream.

Take cold milk, heavy cream, sugar, vanilla extract and as many Oreos as you see fit and whisk them up before transferring them to your ice cream maker. Here’s the recipe from Chew Out Loud.

Strawberry vanilla ice cream

This recipe creates a gourmet twist on strawberry vanilla from Food and Wine. You’ll need vanilla bean, eggs, corn syrup and a pound of fresh strawberries in addition to your regular ice cream ingredients. You’ll then roast your strawberries before blending them into your vanilla custard.

Dark chocolate and cherry ice cream

This recipe will remind you of diner milkshakes with cherries on top. You’ll blend up vanilla ice cream and combine it with chopped-up dark chocolate and maraschino cherries. Here’s a recipe from Lidey Likes.

Butter pecan ice cream

Here’s a crowd-pleaser. Butter pecan ice cream is a comforting summer staple.

For this recipe, you’ll swap vanilla ice cream’s white sugar for brown sugar, add in some butter and, of course, plenty of chopped pecans. Here’s a recipe from Allrecipes.

Mint chocolate chip ice cream

There’s bound to be someone in your family who thinks mint chocolate chip ice cream tastes like toothpaste. To that, we say: What delicious toothpaste!

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Blend together cold milk with heavy cream, sugar, chocolate and pure peppermint extract. Use food coloring to achieve the level of green you desire. Or to turn your ice cream any color, really. Here’s a recipe from Chew Out Loud.

Sweet peach ice cream

Who doesn’t love peaches and cream? No one, that’s who. Here’s a frosty twist on the classic summer dish from Barefeet in the Kitchen.

You’ll need milk, heavy cream, sugar, vanilla and salt with ground cinnamon and lots of peach sauce. Top the finished product with whipped cream and peach slices for extra flair.

Ice cream sandwiches

It seems like store-bought ice cream sandwiches get smaller and smaller every year. Remedy this issue by making your own this year with instructions from I Am Baker. Sandwich your preferred flavor of ice cream between chocolate cookie dough. Freeze, slice and then enjoy!

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