Preferred hosts French Alps 2030 and Salt Lake City 2034 called ‘mutually exclusive’ in most definitive statement yet.
‘We can’t wait to unify the world,’ Utah Gov. Cox says during ceremony at Rice-Eccles cauldron from the 2002 Winter Games
IOC advances Salt Lake City to next stage of bidding process for 2034 Winter Games.
‘Accountability and transparency’ sought over funds for venues being readied to host 2030 or 2034 Winter Games.
After virtual pitch to IOC commission, Salt Lake City bid for 2030 or 2034 Winter Games could advance next week
Ashley Hatch and Latter-day Saint teen Olivia Moultrie were included on the first roster assembled since Emma Hayes was named head coach
U.S. Soccer announced Chelsea head coach Emma Hayes will be the new USWNT head coach
As many as 75% in French region back 2030 Winter Games bid but poll called ‘bogus’ by anti-Olympics group.
The famous gymnast was hospitalized earlier this month as she fought a rare form of pneumonia
Mia Fishel served as backup striker for USWNT instead of Ashley Hatch Sunday and scored.
Moceanu applauded Eaker for her ‘courage’ in coming forward about alleged abuse experienced at the University of Utah.
After it was announced that baseball would return for the 2028 Summer Games in Los Angeles, Bryce Harper called being an Olympian a “dream.”
“This is as close to an award as we have gotten,” Cox said, even though there’s no guarantee 2030, 2034 Winter Games hosts will be named at same time.
Milan-Cortina organizers say the Italian government no longer wants a costly and controversial venue built.
Salt Lake City has the only 2034 bid, while three others — Sweden, Switzerland and France — are vying to host in 2030.
The addition of flag football, baseball, softball, lacrosse and squash was given final approval by the IOC only for the next U.S. Olympics.
IOC agrees to dual award for 2030, 2034 Olympics. Sweden, Switzerland and France are still in the race for 2030 but Salt Lake City is the only competitor for 2034.
Salt Lake City bidders wanted to see “positive signal” the wait to host again would soon be over.
Decision made at IOC meeting where 2030, 2034 Winter Games bid issues also on the agenda.
Did the USWNT learn its lesson when it left former BYU star Ashley Hatch off its World Cup roster?
Comaneci inspired Retton’s interest in gymnastics with her gold-winning performance at the 1976 Olympics
Rotation of future Winter Olympics, whether 2030, 2034 Winter Games should be awarded at the same time on IOC agenda for meetings in India.
Cricket, flag football, baseball and softball will reportedly be added to the 2028 Olympics lineup.
Sapporo may still bid for the 2034 Games, against Salt Lake City, according to Japanese media reports.
The blood-sucking bedbugs are raising health concerns ahead of the next Olympics.
Salt Lake City is seen as “exceptionally well-prepared” to host again compared to late entries in Olympics race.
Former 2002 Winter Games leader says he may be ‘long in the tooth’ by the time Utah hosts another Olympics.
Late entry in Winter Games race that includes Salt Lake seen as showing France ‘will not back down’ from competition.
Darren Hughes is the only full-time employee for Salt Lake City’s bid to host another Olympics, in 2030 or 2034.
State expenditures for former 2002 Winter Games venues expected to add up to more than $140 million, seen as helping bid to host in 2030 or 2034.
Newly restored structure now has ‘room to add’ future Olympics.
Organizers of the 2024 Summer Games still hopeful river can be made safe for swimmers.
What the dilemma means for the future of the Olympics in Salt Lake City and elsewhere.
The Ukrainian fencer refused to shake the hand of her Russian opponent.
France’s late entry could push Olympic timeline until 2025
IOC leader says impact of rising temperatures on both Summer and Winter Games being studied
Late entry in the race joins Salt Lake City and at least four other contenders for the next Olympics to be awarded.
The IOC president says it will take time to decide if “neutral athletes” from the countries behind the war in Ukraine can compete in 2024 Summer Games.
There’s still no IOC decision on participation by ‘neutral’ Russian, Belarusian athletes
Utah senator reintroduces legislation to mint revenue-generating coins for 2028 Summer Games in Los Angeles
But is a Chinese city in talks with the IOC about hosting the 2030 Olympics?
The leader of Salt Lake City’s bid for 2030 or 2034 Winter Games says the investment benefits community users.