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Opinion: What Utah could do now to help your house survive a 7.0 earthquake

How intense partisanship in the U.S. could hurt Ukraine

Opinion: Washington should let you decide where education tax dollars go

Perspective: We are Americans — with or without hyphens

Did the U.S. once promise not to expand NATO? Does that play into the Ukraine crisis?

Why Utah entrepreneur’s antisemitic rant must be challenged

Opinion: How intellectual piracy, at home and abroad, hurts business startups

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How Salt Lake City’s mayor showed grace under fire

Mayor Erin Mendenhall had every reason to be angry at state lawmakers in her State of the City address Tuesday, but she exhibited none of it.

Opinion: Putin isn’t as strong as he would like you to believe

How lawmakers could help families with huge medical bills

Opinion: Why some occupational licenses hurt the economy

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Find unexpected common ground in politics

Those willing to set aside suspicions about their political opponents can find unexpected common ground.

Opinion: This isn’t the presidency Joe Biden promised

It’s not the big differences that divide us. It’s the green Jell-O and roundabouts

How classes for prisoners protect society

Opinion: Here’s one way to help the state save water

Here’s what Gov. Cox got right/wrong in his State of the State speech

Vaccine mandate may be gone, but the risk to businesses isn’t

Cox’s failure to impose a mask mandate at government buildings was wrong

Congress should let startups innovate and grow

How Policy Pillars may change how the Utah Legislature works

Opinion: Why backers of a Utah lake project were wrong to sue a critic

Virginia’s new governor promised to let parents control the classroom. What comes next? (+video)

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Thinking about putting your vaccination status on your resume? Don’t.

Including health information on a resume was a bad idea before the pandemic. It’s a worse idea now.

Opinion: Here’s how government and private employers can help the worker shortage

Opinion: After one year, it’s clear Biden is hurting America’s standing

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This is why lawmakers brushed aside complaints about redistricting

Unless someone loses an election because of it, lawmakers will continue drawing the maps they want

Perspective: Is marriage dead, or just the wedding section?

Perspective: From the grocery store to the Supreme Court, unseemly mask drama is dividing America

Opinion: Merely balancing the budget is no longer good enough to save Washington

What’s behind Ann Coulter’s proclamation that Donald Trump is ‘done’?

Opinion: A sad moment for Utah’s lawmakers

Opinion: Five areas in which the Legislature can improve Utah this year

This water project would harm the Great Salt Lake

Senseless opposition has been like a virus of its own

Opinion: Why conservatives should end the death penalty in Utah

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You — yes you — might be a bad citizen

There is such a thing as being a bad citizen, even among people we might otherwise think of as good neighbors.

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We are indebted to the Dreamer

As we observe Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we should remember that his unfinished work is now ours.

Opinion: The Legislature will convene soon. Here are reasons to applaud them

Opinion: To give parents financial relief, tweak this IRS rule

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Struggling to get along with those who believe differently than you? That’s how America is meant to be

It’s important that democracies maintain generously spaced guardrails to protect religious pluralism.

Do we dare hope omicron signals the end is near?

Opinion: ‘It’s déjà vu all over again’ as state lawmakers prepare to meet amid a pandemic surge

Opinion: Who knows better about schools, lawmakers or educators?

Opinion: Can changing how we think about COVID-19 end the pandemic?

Opinion: How a new telescope could open great vistas

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Glenn Beck is battling COVID-19 again, and it’s bringing out the worst in his critics

It’s never acceptable to mock people for getting sick, regardless of their vaccination status

Attacks on Mitt Romney’s family size were outrageous