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After an unprecedented year, who should lead? Opinions on the 2020 presidential election

What the world can learn from Utah and the Deseret News’ vision for the future

Regardless of who wins the election, economic recovery must continue

Can Washington regulate Big Tech? Not until representatives get their act together

Letter: I’m voting for Trump — but that doesn’t mean I fully endorse him

Proposition 9 will not benefit Utah County residents

Letter: A poem for the middle ground

Letter: I was a producer for Mister Rogers. His letters were indeed a vital part of his ministry

Letter: Let’s be civil. We have to live with each other after Nov. 3

Letter: Want Chinese dominance? Look no further than the DOJ’s lawsuit

Letter: How do we protect against our own poor judgment? Term limits

Yes, Sen. Lee, Trump’s actions speak louder than his words

Letter: Don’t defund the police. Fund them better and smarter

Letter: We all give up rights every day. Masking up is no different

If history tells us anything, the Google antitrust lawsuit won’t amount to much

With the pandemic raging, how you handle Halloween may be a bigger decision than the election

Amy Coney Barrett’s qualifications should put Americans at ease

Jon Huntsman Jr.: Only we, the people, can defeat COVID-19

Letter: Vote to preserve our nation’s founding principles

Is nuclear power Utah’s future? Red flags suggest holding off

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The future is about more

In the new year we will add a weekly print version for Utah readers, a separate weekly print newspaper for those beyond Utah’s borders and a monthly print magazine to be called Deseret.

Letter: We need a conversation about cancer-causing chemicals in our environment

What Mr. Rogers can teach about healing our toxic political climate

Letter: As a special ed teacher, I’m against Amendment G

Letter: We can’t change the climate, but we can improve air quality

Pioneer with us: An invitation from the Deseret News Editorial Board

Letter: We should find pesticide alternatives. Our health depends on it

Utah trails on education funding, and Amendment G could change that

Letter: Someone stole my campaign flag. That just energizes my support

Kael Weston: If we leave division and distrust in the past, 2021 will be better

Letter: Rule by special classes is what our founders intended, sadly

Letter: We can all be doing more to reduce our sugar intake

The fate of America will not be decided on Nov. 3

In our opinion: Want humanity to flourish? Promote religious freedom

How to identify your ghoulish politicians as they trick-or-treat

Sen. Mike Lee: I didn’t vote for Trump 4 years ago, but I will this election

‘What is my role here?’: The great unasked question of our political moment

Inside the newsroom: What word would you use to describe the political season?

George Washington envisioned a nation without partisan strife. Here’s how we can get there

Mexican ambassador to the U.S.: Mexico and Utah are united by a rich and common history

In our opinion: Halloween is scary enough without COVID-19 spiking in Utah

Letter: Please keep washing your hands — but don’t waste water

Who are the state judges on this year’s ballot? How to learn more about each one

Letter: For all its complaining, the GOP has done nothing about health care

Letter: There are no more Honest Abes, so we must vote for the party, not the person

In our opinion: Get savvy, voters. Threats to discredit the election are real

America needs to disagree better, not less

Thomas Wright: While Utah grows, the housing market is lagging behind