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Hélène Biandudi Hofer is an award-winning journalist who is rethinking the good fight.
Back in 2000, I thought people would live to be 150 or 200 before the 21st century was over. Now, that’s not likely
Helping young couples in untraditional ways can help marriage become a cornerstone of adult life again
Lower drug prices, particularly those for chronic conditions, is a pressing need for many retirees and patients on Medicare living in Utah
Given the incentives at play, Congress could now avoid making tough trade-offs during the normal budgeting process.
“The Holdovers” shows how we yearn for our biological families even when we have the support of friends.
Christianity exposed the deeper roots of our being: fragmented individuals finding fullness only in a thriving web of relationships.
Addressing this long-standing and complex issue takes everyday actions from each of us
U.S. politicians should take note that voters are growing tired of extremes on both the right and the left.
Both women blazed their own trails in an era that wasn’t exactly supportive of female trailblazers
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Can Rep. Celeste Maloy secure a full 2-year term? Will Rep. John Curtis run for Senate? Who will win the presidential election?
There are plenty of reasons to be excited about Salt Lake City hosting the Olympics again, but what I care about is the return of 2002’s most iconic fashion statement
By 2050, Utah is forecast to reach a population of approximately 5 million
It’s been 23 years since the last time 2 women held major political offices in the state.
In a world where AI and other technology are emerging, the problems of surveillance still need our attention.
Looking at the same 2,000 years of history, Johnson chose to reject his faith, while Hirsi Ali sees Christianity as the path to the future.
As much as we love her music, we don’t want the pop star to still be singing about her broken heart 10 years from now.
In many ways, Utah embodies the virtues such a statue would represent
The New York politician was objectively bad for America, but great for my personal amusement.
When couples make the decision to marry — whether they have followed the success sequence or not — let’s help them build a stronger foundation for success.
The funeral of the former first lady is making America confront the problem of Trump and his association with other presidents.
If we really care about our LGBTQ friends, this holiday season we’ll stop fighting and learn more deeply from each other
Luckily, most of them become amusing with the passage of time
A state historically known for having lots of kids and large class sizes needs to shift its thinking as public school enrollment declines
Our state lawmakers are right to intensify the fight against illegal, disposable, flavored vapes
We should be teaching the “success sequence” in public schools. Research has proven marriage’s value.
Transparency must be held in balance with the other value of privacy.
When removed from healthy therapeutic contexts, therapeutic newspeak may well estrange us from the relationships that can help heal us.
It’s a hot topic between friends and family. What do you think?
No, Kendall Jenner and Tom Brady don’t want to be your friend. And the chatbots aren’t real, no matter what they say.
Those who insist that religion is a buzzkill have not read the literature.
Stop and think when you come to the word ‘indivisible’. Stop and think again about ‘liberty and justice for all’
Most Americans should be grateful to live in a time of unprecedented prosperity. Unfortunately, too many incorrectly believe we are on the precipice of a dystopian future
Politicians seen as having good character are more readily forgiven mistakes they’ve made in the past