Americans today are sorely lacking the ability to tolerate each other’s differences. Forbidding people to exercise their religion only feeds this problem.
Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio are among lawmakers who have put forth solid proposals to help families. Now is the time to enact them.
The price at the pump is causing pain for every American as prices soar over $5. Biden’s shutdown of oil production in the U.S. needs to be reversed.
When we are surrounded by something, we often become desensitized to it. Americans who struggle to see racism need a new perspective
As gas and grocery prices skyrocket, Democrats are desperate to change the subject. But polls suggest this strategy won’t work.
The Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade began with each vote to elect a president and representatives.
Most states do not have laws in place to protect LGBTQ people from discrimination. We must change that if we believe in freedom for all.
Have you heard of the Blaine Amendment? This part of Utah’s state constitution may be unconstitutional under the Supreme Court’s new religious freedom decisions.
Religious people and secularists alike stand to benefit from a nondiscriminatory school choice system.
Utah’s flag displays symbols that hold respect and identity in our country. Changing our flag would be erasing that history we have worked hard for
Some Americans now view civility as a barrier to social progress. That idea is toxic to our democracy
More parks and green spaces have many benefits Biden’s 30 x 30 initiative can protect the natural land we are rapidly losing and keep our nature natural.
It’s clear that this Supreme Court will uphold the rule of law and not be swayed by public opinion.
Abortion opponents are celebrating the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade today. But tomorrow, the work starts.
We all know Utah’s air pollution is a problem — but there are solutions at our fingertips with the power of the sun
The Great Salt Lake is drying up, the housing crisis is unbearable, the air pollution isn’t going away, and we don’t have enough rain water. What is the Legislature doing?
This year, Utah’s primary races have been unusually robust. Although logic is rare in politics, a solid rationale does explain the many primaries and the emotional volatility surrounding them.
As a scholar and woman of faith, I know the good that religion offers.
Healthy twin girls and a run on birth control are not the stuff of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale.’
The site of the current state prison in Draper will become an innovation hub and a cultural, commercial and recreation center for the region. That, plus the new prison, are a testament to collaborative and transparent efforts.
For many, getting married as a 20-something is no obstacle to fun, professional success or a stable marriage.
The Supreme Court ruled parents have the right to choose a religious school as part of a program that provides tuition assistance in rural areas.
Young men who are ready for committed relationships are in short supply compared to women.
Is it naïveté, or does Gen Z know how to navigate today’s troubled economic waters?
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Ninth Circuit Judge Milan Smith Jr. says the Supreme Court reversing his school prayer ruling could be bad for religious freedom
Lee-McMullin matchup promises to be one of most intriguing Senate races in Utah in years.
Patrick Hickman rejoins BYU football’s support staff after having worked under Bronco Mendenhall at Virginia the past six years.
Former President Donald Trump endorsed incumbent Utah Congressmen Chris Stewart and Burgess Owens.
When the two programs collide on Sept. 3 at ‘The Swamp’ it will be televised by ESPN and the Utes should be ranked in the national polls.
10-year-old girls are worried about weight gain. The messages about our bodies start early, and they never stop. We need clearer voices to outshout the negative ones.
Rising inflation, unaffordable housing, high interest rates. The American dream feels out of reach for many.
College campuses devoid of purpose and community are producing students who are aimless and sad.
Romney’s Family Security Act 2.0 would give money to qualifying families with children each month, eliminating many federal programs.
We all need to do our part to care for the environment, but large families are not to blame.
The average American is spending $70 to fill up their car. Here’s what you could buy with that money instead.
Single-mother households are on the rise. But the research shows that dads are just as necessary as moms for child development — despite the myths that state otherwise.
A father’s love and attention can have an immeasurable impact on their daughters through sharing wisdom, wealth and well-being.
For the past 15 years, I have been in a permanent state of grief. I do not want your thoughts or prayers, lawmakers — I want your action. I want your anger. Fix this.
Little Cottonwood Canyon has a winter capacity issue on powder days. What would we do with a gondola the rest of the year?
Amid the gun violence, some wonder if fatherlessness could be to blame for teenage shooters. Studies show the vital impact a father can have.
Apprehension around North Korea is growing as it continues to test nuclear weapons. The U.S. is strengthening military ties with allies.
We need laws that consider both mother and child, not just one. In order to do this, we need to find the common ground in our partisan divide.
A smart initiative by House leaders could enable meaningful progress and help the GOP in November.
The Jan. 6 Commission hearings have begun, and the Senate just proposed a bipartisan gun legislation bill. How will this affect upcoming elections?
Utah’s air quality is improving, but we still have more work to do. Let’s celebrate the successes as we continue to strive for clean air.
It’s never been easy to have children and the pandemic has made it harder, but families are a tangible expression of hope
As Utah’s U.S. senator since 2011, Mike Lee advocates for upholding the U.S. Constitution and championing federalism.
While a written bill has yet to emerge, descriptions of the compromise would protect gun rights while providing tools to help prevent more shootings.
Civic Season is an opportunity to celebrate our founding and rich history and reflect on how we can continue to improve as a nation.
Some are predicting China will soon surpass the U.S. as the largest economy in the world. How will it do this without fully embracing political freedom for its people?
The nuanced Latter-day Saint position provides a starting point for humane laws. But there’s more to be done.
Utah’s U.S. Senate Republican primaries are on June 28. Becky Edwards offers real action on the problems Utahns care about.
Our teetering economy paints a similar picture to the 1970s. To survive, we need leaders like Ronald Reagan. As a Reagan Republican, I’m ready to work for America