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10 cartoons about Greenland, Biden and other top news this week

Letter: We should be talking about car control

Letter: Positive steps forward

Guest opinion: Save capitalism by paying people more

Letter: Solving two problems

When will Trump supporters finally say, ‘OK, this is not normal’?

Letter: Maybe Trump should sell a jersey

Letter: Don’t act on every impulse

In our opinion: Conditions at the border are appalling. Delaying solutions will only make them worse

Letter: Even President Trump is not above the law

Letter: Most news isn’t biased

To heck with profits!

Guest opinion: Managing Utah’s growth requires local and state leadership

Guest opinion: The origin of Utah’s school turnaround

Letter: Time to take immigration into our own hands

It’s time to start talking about the impending population bust

If Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib can boycott Israel, why can’t Israel boycott them?

Guest opinion: The need for immigrants

The next Salt Lake City mayor will face big tasks. Are candidates up to the challenge?

The slow burn of Congo’s Ebola outbreak

Letter: Why does vaping need more research?

The stories beneath our feet

Why do I need a will if I’m young?

Dear millennials — If you’re hosting a party, your guests don’t pay — even if you’re broke

Lake Powell is my home away from home

Tell your kids threats carry real-world consequences, regardless of intent

Letter: Frustrated with letters against the president

In our opinion: Welcome to Utah, Mr. Vice President. Here are some questions for you

Guest opinion: Changes to the Endangered Species Act will benefit endangered plants and animals

Uber and Lyft are everything we love about capitalism — and everything we hate

Letter: Revising ‘The New Colossus’

Guest opinion: Housing is critical for keeping youths off the streets

Letter: A slippery slope

In our opinion: Football is headed for trouble if it doesn’t put safety first

Letter: Trump is not a real negotiator

Learning from the Great Depression

Did Donald Trump just steal Bernie Sanders’ game plan?

Letter: A matter of perception

In our opinion: Utah’s clean air road map will separate myths from solutions

Amash’s independence shows voters they don’t have to settle for binary choice

S.E. Cupp: The left’s war on the media? Bashing the press becomes a bipartisan affair

Marc Thiessen: China does not have the upper hand in Hong Kong. Trump does.

Megan McArdle: The NRA and the media need to reevaluate guns and mass shootings

Pignanelli and Webb: Lessons learned from Mendenhall’s surprise win in Salt Lake primary

Guest opinion: UN civil society conference from the youth perspective

Letter: A radically simplified life

In our opinion: Don’t worry about a recession — worry about your personal finances

Inside the newsroom: Flake, Trump, right, left and just what it is we are doing at the Deseret News