Cities from Barcelona, Spain, to O’Fallon, Illinois, have taken up the experiment to varying degrees.
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How do we prepare our children and ourselves for the future? Education and learning must look different.
A positive costumer service experience doesn’t mean we shouldn’t confront shoplifting
In desecrating art, like Rome’s Trevi Fountain, climate activists strike at the earthly manifestations of the divine.
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A new survey by the NCAA reveals how pervasive gambling has become on college campuses, and it affects athletes, as well
As AI systems increasingly make decisions, human beings need recourse. Policymakers must act quickly to enshrine our rights.
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The last U.S. military draft ended 50 years ago. Memorial Day is a time to reflect on how well the nation’s volunteers have served us.
Army Private First Class Jose Valdez embodies the patriotism need to protect American ideals.
Tom Hanks joked that he’d sell the secret to his happy marriage for $17 billion. I found a workaround for free.
Boyd Matheson writes for The Hill that 218 moderate-minded members of Congress have a big opportunity following Saturday’s agreement.
What are we borrowing from the Earth — and are we repaying those debts?
Like Antonin Scalia and Ruth Bader Ginsberg, we should all have friendships that confound other people.
Holding the U.S. financial system hostage is not a fair use of legislative rules
We can’t stop Utah’s growth, but we can be smart about it.
With more people flooding into Utah, where will we get enough water?
A lawsuit over a transgender student in Wyoming highlights the need for single-sex spaces.
Joe Biden might ask how to sound youthful while reading speeches while Donald Trump may seek advice on how to hide his fear of Ron DeSantis.
Parents are the first line of defense in the battle with Big Tech over our children’s hearts, minds and health.
12 immigrants were abandoned in a rubber boat in the Aegean Sea. They were the lucky ones — they survived.
The public purpose of the Group of 7 is fostering economic stability. The other related purpose, however, is to diminish the likelihood of war
Millennials may bring back long train rides, but at what cost?
There is a straight line from religious nones to areligious nuns, with ever fewer people daring to speak for people of faith.
Park City is getting the star treatment from Hasbro. I’m trying not to take it personally.
What do high schoolers really need to know going into adulthood?
Growing up, God was my friend. For some reason, he felt like an enemy after I became a mom.
Amid increasing hostility to the offer of prayer, we should remember its power and the good will behind it.
A reader who wants to retire soon asks Dave Ramsey what he should do about his declining investments.
Border issues might seem like a border state problem — but the nation feels the impacts
What is the impact of one person sitting through a funeral to support their seventh grade student? In grief support, we need to show up.
Between Reagan and Obama, support for ‘Chevron deference’ changed. Now it’s back before a conservative Supreme Court in Loper Bright v. Raimondo.
The president is considering using a tortured interpretation of the 14th Amendment to lift the debt ceiling on his own. That’s not what the Constitution envisions.
A recent AP article discussed the frustration of community college credits not transferring. That’s not a worry in Utah
Strategic decisions must be made about Utah’s land and water.
Whether our goal is energy security, affordability or environmental health, clean energy is our answer
Starting a small business has become a lot more doable
We can’t afford to play around with the debt limit when the economy is on the line
Flights from Utah to Washington, D.C., are limited because of the perimeter rule. Burgess Owens wants to change that.