I am extremely mad at what the president said this morning about holding back money from the United States Postal Service with the intent of disrupting mail-in voting. This is pure corruption. I have been voting by mail in Utah with no trouble before. Now, I am extremely worried that the president is threatening my ability to vote. I also rely on the United States Postal Service to deliver my prescription medications. Delays in receiving my medications could result in me having health issues and even lead to death. This keeps me up at night. I need my members of Congress to act now to save the United States Postal Service, so that both my voting rights and my health, and the voting rights and health of others, are not put at risk by the president.

Andrew Luxem 


Mail-in ballots are a recipe for disaster

Regarding Dennis Romboy’s article, Sen. Mitt Romney states that there is no evidence of voter fraud (“Mitt Romney calls President Trump’s opposition to mail-in voting a ‘political calculation’“Aug 14).

Mr. Romney’s statement is rather strange given many current and historical examples of proven voter fraud. There are many examples of voter fraud, stolen ballots and voter intimidation. Paterson, New Jersey, had a recent municipal election with a widespread fraud scheme and arrests. Ballots were stolen and votes made on those stollen ballots. There are examples in Oregon and Washington of ballots mailed to persons who have long moved out of state. Examples also include New Jersey, New York and Washington, D.C.

Look at the disaster in the recent Democratic Party Iowa caucas. Yet, the Democratic Party wants to change to mail-in election while accusing Trump of stealing elections.

COVID-19 need not require a change in voting. Those most at risk can vote by mail and remaining voters can go in person to voter locations that have disposable pens and sanitizing stations. Are we supposed to accept the Democratic Party philosophy that grocery shopping is less contagious than going to a voting location?

Rick Swenson

Phoenix, Arizona

Blocking vote-by-mail is a threat to democracy

President Donald Trump is blocking funding to the U.S. Post Office in order to slow down mail service for the upcoming election. A majority of voters prefer to vote by mail, especially to avoid crowded lines during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Trump knows that more people voting will mean more votes against him, since this election will be a referendum on his paltry 42% job approval. He has ignored the pandemic, so why not let it deter the election participation?

The USPS is a service delineated in the Constitution. Many people receive prescription drugs, checks and other important documents in the mail. Trump appointed a campaign donor to be postmaster general who is doing all he can to cripple the mail service. He has a serious conflict of interest as a large stockholder in XPO Logistics, which contracts mail services.

Voting is a fundamental right in this country. Trump is trying to impede that right. He claims without proof that mail-in voting is rife with fraud. By slowing down the mail he hopes ballots will not be able to be counted on time. Congress has the power of the purse, can enact laws and has oversight of the executive branch. The future of our republic depends on reining in the autocratic impulses of Donald Trump.

Trump said he would approve funding of the USPS if it were in a separate bill. How can anyone believe anything he says? No wonder Putin is meddling to get Trump reelected.

Don Hiddleson