Having cerebral palsy, my life is filled with doubts. Despite successes, including raising a son, doubts still come. Yet, my drive is that in this country a dream can propel you to do the impossible.

Becky Edwards is the only politician that I will publicly voice my support for. I was honored to be an intern in the Legislature in 2018 and I worked shoulder to shoulder with our state’s leaders. Becky was different. She was a conservative leader who cared more about Utah than her status among her peers. I was only an intern, yet I felt important because of Becky.

The American dream that I depended on to help me take my first independent steps and give me the courage to chase my dreams of entertainment is vanishing. Politicians in D.C. are too worried about pundits’ opinions than civility and statesmanship. However, when I heard Becky was running for Senate, I had hope again. Becky will not worry about booking a slot on a news channel, but will remind us that the “United” in “United States” still matters. I’m only a voice, but, in this country, one voice can do the impossible. 

Andrew Justvig

St. George