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Opinion: Becky Edwards — the voice women need in the U.S. Senate

Becky Edwards has proven her strength in politics with 10 years of experience in the Utah Legislature. She would be an asset in the U.S. Senate

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Becky Edwards stands at a podium in front of an American Flag and speaks.

Senate candidate Becky Edwards speaks to delegates during the GOP State Convention at the Mountain America Exposition Center in Sandy on Saturday, April 23, 2022.

Adam Fondren, for the Deseret News

Women voters, there is a candidate we can endorse wholeheartedly — Becky Edwards, Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, a strong, compassionate woman whose work in the Utah Legislature for 10 years demonstrates her concern for Utah families. At a bagel gathering at her house the Saturday morning of each legislative session, she listened to her constituents and went to work to help them. 

During her time in the Utah House, she achieved many things. Her legislation has helped young people get training for good-paying jobs and working mothers get affordable medical care, child care, and paid family leave. She also created the Affordable Housing Commission. Indeed, family prosperity is one of her top priorities.

Unlike her opponent, incumbent Sen. Mike Lee, she won’t work more for Donald Trump than for the people of Utah. She won’t vote against the Violence Against Women Act. She won’t walk out of the Senate chamber when the first Black woman is confirmed to the Supreme Court. She won’t say she’s going to serve two terms and then forget that promise once those terms are up. 

Women voters can take charge of this election. If we all vote in the Republican primary, we can send Becky Edwards to the U.S. Senate.  

Susan Howe