I’m Becky Edwards, the leading Republican challenger in Utah’s U.S. Senate race. Here’s what I want Utahns to know: you deserve better leadership. 

In fact, I believe that’s something voters on both sides of the aisle can unanimously agree on. We are in desperate need of better leadership. 

Instead, we continue to watch our elected officials prioritize partisan fighting instead of serving their constituents. Congress remains gridlocked, and Americans are left without the representation promised them in the Constitution. 

Year after year, Congress fails the American people. It’s why gas prices are so high, groceries are more expensive and government spending continues to skyrocket. It’s incredibly frustrating to watch our communities and neighborhoods crumble under such ineffective leadership.

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But voters cannot expect different results if we continue to elect the same people

In order to get our country back on track, we need to elect leaders who will be proactive in changing the way business gets done in Washington. People who care about solutions, leadership that yields results and dedication to the same principles that once guided our Founding Fathers. 

I wasn’t afraid to champion bold solutions to tough issues in the state Legislature. In my 10 years of service, I helped enact laws and policies that directly benefited the lives of my constituents, and that’s exactly what I intend to do as a U.S. senator. 

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Americans do not take pride in seeing political grandstanding and obstructionist antics. They care about finding an affordable home in a safe neighborhood. They care about the safety of the schools their children attend and whether or not they can access affordable health care. And they want to know that the solutions to these challenges will not threaten the fiscal stability of the federal government.  

During my 10 years in office, I saw firsthand the challenges facing Utahns, challenges that are replicated throughout our country. In our rural communities, farmers and manufacturers are struggling to find employees. Many towns don’t have access to clean drinking water or reliable electricity.

Throughout the country, inflation, supply shortages, and crumbling infrastructure threaten to upend the economy. Businesses that survived the Great Depression of the ’30s and the Recession in 2008 are now closing their doors, while burdensome regulations tamp down innovation and prevent entrepreneurs from creating new jobs. 

Our nation is also recovering from a global pandemic, a series of natural disasters and international instability. These are significant challenges.

But they are not insurmountable. That is why we need leaders with both the experience and the resiliency to propose solutions and fight until they are enacted. 

I spent my time as a Utah representative building solutions, not excuses. I prioritized bills designed to support family prosperity, increase affordable housing and improve access to quality education and health care. These are the issues that matter to Utahns. 

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The initiatives and legislation I enacted with my colleagues created jobs and education opportunities for future generations and improved access to vital resources — without breaking the bank and without compromising conservative values.

Being a Republican is more than just an act of opposition to the current administration. It’s about proactively finding solutions to the issues Americans care about by enabling entrepreneurs, creators and all those with a vision for a more prosperous and independent future.

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After years of listening to partisan bickering by our current leaders, I know this sounds impossible. But I know it’s possible because I’ve done it. And with your help, I intend to do it again. 

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On June 28, Utahns have the opportunity to put a new person on the ballot. One with a proven track record of working hard for Utah families and businesses, who kept their promises and championed values like honesty and integrity.

It’s time for every Utahn to consider what they deserve from their elected officials. Is it more of the same? Or is it time for something better? Utahns know the answer. It’s time to act and vote for more productive, proactive and inclusive leadership in the U.S. Senate.

Becky Edwards is a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate who has served 10 years in the Utah House of Representatives.

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